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“To lead a clan is a heavy burden. One must do what one can to keep one’s home live. Even if it means deceiving or harming others.” ~ Imagawa Yoshimoto.

Route availability: after clearing ‘Legend of the Takeda’
Playable Officers: Hattori Hanzo, Honda Tadakatsu, Ii Naotora, Tokgawa Ieyasu, Ina
Battles: Battle of Okehazama, Battle of Kakegawa Castle, Battle of Anegawa, Battle of Mikatagahara.

First of all, I really like Ieyasu, and I feel that he has what it takes to unite and bring peace to the land. Even though there are times when he is ruthless, he is still someone who cares greatly for his people, and tries to make the best choices.

I feel that out of the three conquerors (Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu), they are all really trying to gain control by being the most powerful. This is something Nobunaga has always been very blunt about. In the second game, he would even point out that because this chaos happens due to might and power, it can only be ended with might and power. As mentioned, I was really surprised when I watched clips from the second game, because Nobunaga spoke in a much more normal way, as opposed to him in 3 and 4. However, the basic characteristic continues to be there.

I feel that Hideyoshi wants the same thing, but he does not admit this, and he tries to justify this by saying that it is a world where everyone laughs. Hisahide actually has a really good point in regard to this by saying that Hideyoshi is basically creating a world where he is forcing people to laugh. Nene is similar, because in the battle with Kaihime (in her route at 3), Kai would protest that Nene is just here to invade her home, but Nene would say it won’t matter as this would be her home. How is her action here different from any of Nobunaga’s war? The claim of how you will make it happy seems just an excuse, because they already were doing fine without any additional help from whoever that attacks.

Ieyasu is fighting for an overall peace. He is different as he does not say his way is best. He just wants to stop fighting and admits that there would be sacrifices that happen due to him trying to achieve this. Mitsunari is the opposite as he firmly believes he is in the right and does not seem to acknowledge the sufferings other would have in order for them to benefit. But Mitsunari is different from Hideyoshi because I feel that Hideyoshi is aware of this, but just does not want to admit it, where as Mitsunari is truly unaware of him causing harm to others.

I feel that the opening scene for the Tokugawa route is one of the best one in the game. Imagawa has always been a bit of a comical character due to his appearance and his desire of playing kemari. However, his tone and voice would suddenly change and he would be like the numerous leaders of the game, he has great authority and power. I was just really amazed by that scene.

Battle of Okehazama
In the beginning, Ieyasu would be working for Yoshimoto, as he is a hostage there, after being one with the Oda. As mentioned, he was once a hostage in the Oda clan, and there seemed to be some form of a friendship between Nobunaga and Ieyasu. I think the hostage situation must have played a huge part in making him able to endure everything, and I think to have that mind frame in a time like the Sengoku era is truly amazing. A bit similar to what Masamune did during Odawara. For Masamune, it is even more impressive as he is young and was not exposed to a situation akin to Ieyasu that would force him to adopt this mentality.

Naotora would be there as her family are working for the Imagawa too. Her position is probably the same as Ieyasu’s and even though she would later work as a retainer for Ieyasu, it’s clearly her own choice. I think in that aspect, this is a bit of a parallel to Ieyasu and Hideyoshi’s relationship, with the difference being that the Ii family are happy to continue working under him.

Battle of Kakegawa Castle
Ieyasu would decide to rebel against the Imagawa, and once again, Naotora would fight alongside him. I really like how she tells him that it might be hard to be seen as a traitor, but this is something necessary as the Imagawa can no longer bring peace. This also seems to be a foreshadowing of what would happen with the Toyotomi later on.

Yoshimoto would have died by this stage, so the Imagawa you fight against is his son. You would also fight Ujiyasu, since he is here to help the other.

There is a nice light hearted scene after this, where Naotora brought Naomasa to the battle and Ina would talk to him. At one stage, Naotora would tell Ina that the Honda style of training might be too extreme for everyone else. Although I don’t think she need to worry, as the Ii family seems super tough. I am almost not sure who is worse.

Battle of Anegawa
The Tokugawa would be fighting at the very front without help from Nobunaga, as he wants to see how well the Tokugawa perform. The result is that the Tokugawa did really well. This would be pointed out by Takatora, and he would also comment that he is curious at what type of men Ieyasu is, since he obviously inspired this loyalty.

Battle of Mikatagahara
This is the battle that I really don’t like. Even though the Takeda are not wrong in doing this due to the situation of the time, I just still feel really bad whenever I play it. When I play the Takeda side, I feel super guilty, but when I play the Tokugawa side, I feel really sad. I feel that because the difference in power is so much, and because the Tokugawa did not do anything to provoke this at all, this is the case of bullies and victims. There are other battles that are equally bad, but for me, this is the worst one.

But we see that the Tokugawa retainers are like Hideyoshi’s retainers, in that they are doing this for their master due to them believing in him.