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“One cannot be surprised by the ebb and flow of military fortune.” ~ Uesugi Kagekatsu

Route availability: after clearing ‘Legend of Kantou’
Playable officers: Uesugi Kenshin, Aya, Uesugi Kagekatsu, Naoe Kanetsugu
Battles: The Kanto Campaign, Battle of Kawanakajima, Battle of Tetorigawa, the Otate Rebellion
Special Gaiden: Battle of Hasedo, (available after clearing the Legend of a Land United).

As mentioned before, I don’t like the Uesugi. In fact, they might be my most disliked fraction. Even though I don’t like playing the Takeda sides, I don’t dislike the characters, and there are even characters in there that I like. I don’t dislike Kanetsugu, but he’s not one of the characters that I particular like. However, I actually really like Kagekatsu. I think it is because unlike the others around him, Kagekatsu never talks about justice or honour. Instead, he is simply trying to protect what he has.

As I said, I feel that the Uesugi siblings are both very hypocritical. They clearly like fighting and even inflicting suffering onto other people, but instead of acknowledging this like Nouhime or even Hisahide, they say that they are good and even claim that everything they do is right. They force their belief onto everyone. By claiming that they are the one that has justice and honour, they will label anyone that does not agree with them as an enemy who deserves punishment, as the other does not have justice and honour, since only they are allowed to have this. They are basically finding reasons to justify their actions, as they will never admit that they did anything wrong. In their view, they can only be right. At the very least, people like Nobunaga and Takeda Shingen are honest about what they are doing and what they want. Both Nobunaga and Takeda Shingen admit that they want to have power and be the one that rule with power. I personally don’t like playing the Takeda side, but that is just personal bias, because Takeda Shingen is not fully wrong to do what he did at the time.

Having said that, one of the amazing things about Kanetsugu is that even though he talks about love and honour, he is not hypocritical in anyway. I think this is because he truly believes that he is doing the right thing, and as soon as you agree, he will actually be really happy at this happening and would not hold anything of the past against you.

The Uesugi chapter is only available after you play the Hojo route. In this route, you fight the Hojo, then the Takeda, and then Nobuanga. The final battle will be the civil war against the clan.

At one stage, the Uesugi would fight Nobunaga and Kenshin would use this strategy in regard to water, and everyone on his side immediately begin to say how great it is, even saying that this is a sign of the gods favouring Kenshin. We then have Nobunaga commenting: “He’s a god of war that performs water trick.” I really like that line from Nobunaga because that is what happened, but the Uesugi family is clearly seeing what they want to see.

In the battle against Nobunaga, Nobunaga would leave midway during the battle and Nouhime would then out, saying that she want to fight as she is tired of waiting. This doesn’t have anything to do with the overall route, but I was just quite excited at seeing her come out here.

Regarding Saburou (who later become Uesugi Kagetora), I think he is a case of can’t do something right, but can screw up a lot. In addition, his character is really annoying. But from a plot based situation, I am quite surprised that his character is not a playable character, given that he has his customised appearance and plays an important role.

Kagetora being sent to Echigo as a hostage away from his family is quite sad, but given his background, he should actually realise that this is something that is necessary. Instead, he acts as if Hojo abandoned him, and the way that he speaks about how Kagekatsu is so lucky to have such a loving mother made it sound as if his mother is like Yoshihime (Masamune’s mother), and that he had a really difficulty childhood without much care from his family. If I just judge from what he says in the Uesugi chapters, I would expect that he had a childhood similar to Masamune’s (where his mother hated him and even wanted to kill him), but from the ‘Legend of Kantou’ it is clear that Hojo’s family is a very happy one. In fact, I think he definitely had a way happier childhood then Kagekatsu. The fact that the Hojo then willingly help him when he tries to rebel shows that he is definitely not abandoned and they clearly still care a lot about him.

Kagetora had caused problems due to being reckless for both the Hojo and for the Uesugi. At one stage, Kagekatsu actually had to rescue him. There is no indication that he is a good warrior either, so I don’t see why he actually feels that he can try to claim the position of being Kenshin’s heir. This family treats him with kindness when he was only the hostage, yet he then creates a civil war for them. In the end, he forces Kagekatsu to live with the label of being his brother’s killer, as well as most likely having to fight other retainers of the family due to the civil war.

Battle of Hasedo
I think Hasedo was a long battle and it might have taken place roughly around the same time as Seikigahara. I think Maeda Keiji actually refers to this battle as their Seikigahara. I think what happened is that the Mogami and Date were on their way to meet Ieyasu, but the Uesugi would prevent this from happening. Ieyasu was going to help in this battle when he heard news about what Mitsunari is doing and he would go and fight Mitsunari instead. I think the Date managed to get out of their battle, but the Mogami would be stuck in a siege.

Initially, the Uesugi are doing really well in the battle, and they even managed to capture Hasedo by defeating Mogami. However, there would be news that Mitsunari lost, as well as Masamune’s arrival. When Kanetsugu heard about what happened, he would naturally be very upset, but Kagekatsu would remind him to focus on what is important, and this would cause Kanetsugu to realise that he must get the retreat right. Apparently, the retreat was done really well. In the game, Masamune would give a reluctant praise in regard to this.

The moment of change is done really well in the battle, because your enemies will sudden increase and zones that are safe would now be danger zones. In addition to Mogami coming back, Masamune would arrive with mounted rifleman. Apparently, mounted rifleman is something that Masamune is famous for. I think he combined a powerful cavalry (what Takeda Shingen has) with the rifles (What Nobunaga is famous for using). This seems an indication of how he is managing the changing time.

Masamune would be the final boss, and he would tell Kanetsugu that he is surprised at the other being very calm. Kanetsugu will say that he must do what he must for Kagekatsu, and Masamune will actually comment that he is similar as he has to live for the expectation of others too. With Kagekatsu, he will say that he has to protect the Oushuu that his father left him.