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Route availability: after clearing ‘Legend of the Oda’ and ‘Legend of the Takeda’
Playable Officers: Sanada, Yukimura, Sanada Nobuyuki, Shima Sakon, Kunoichi, Maeda Keiji, Ishida Mitsunari, Naoe Kanetsugu, Ina, Otani Yoshitsugu, Uesugi Kagekatsu, Hanzo Hattori, Yagyuu Munenori, Hawaykawa, Kai, Fuma Kotarou, Koshoushou
Battle of Mt Tenmoku, Battle of Kannagawa, 1st battle of Ueda Castle, Battle of Oshi castle, 2nd Battle of Ueda Castle (Eastern Army, Western Army), The Osaka campaign (Tokugawa Army, Toyotomi Army)

Like the legend of Oda, there are characters that you can only choose in one or two battles. For example, Koshoushou only come out at the very final battle (but I really like her role in that battle).

Battle of Mt Tenmoku
When I was playing the game, I was actually watching the Taiga drama. However, I am no longer watching it. My main reason is because Kiri is such a bitch. She has been pretty bad throughout the drama (deliberately interfering in Ume and Yukimura’s relationship), blaming everyone but her when something goes wrong, using the excuse that she is merely blunt and outspoken, blaming Yukimura for not saving her when it was her wanting to get something that made them get caught. But for me, what did it was the episode when Chacha decides to marry Hideyoshi. Chacha will tell Yukimura that they probably won’t meet for a while, but give him a pressed flower. When Yukimura look at it, clearly upset, Kiru would actually grab the flower and then eat it. That is so nasty. Seriously, what kind of person does that?

However, I am a bit curious at the latter part of the drama, where some of the other famous historical figures would come out (namely Masamune). Maybe I could skip the scene she is out in?

Anyway, I mentioned the Taiga drama, because a lot of the battles and what happened are mentioned in the drama. The story would pick up where the legend of the Takeda left, where the Takeda and Sanada are retreating after their defeat in Nagashino. We can see how different the two brothers are, because Yukimura would want to fight Nobunaga immediately, while Nobuyuki would argue that they need to have a stronghold to do this.

The Takeda would be attacked by others, but this is what they had done when they had the power.

Battle of Kannagawa
Throughout the chapter, there is this whole metaphor by Maeda Keiji about how Yukimura is the flower while Nobuyuki is the branch, there is the idea that the branch is the one that support the flower and allow the flower to bloom. In a way, that is basically what Nobuyuki is doing, as he is doing all that he can for the family so that Yukimura can do whatever he wish. This metaphor is also used for both Kagekatsu and Kanetsugu respectively, and I think before Hasedo, Maeda Keiji would point out that peace is only possible by standing over the petals of the flower.

1st battle of Ueda Castle
Mitsunari would be present in this battle due to Hideyoshi being curious about the Sanada siblings.

During the battle, Ieyasu would retreat and one of the retainers would comment that if Ieyasu just retreat and not attack, this would hurt his reputation. However, Ieyasu would say that this is not worth the life of his people. I really like this bit because it shows that instead of just saying something like he want to protect his people, we have someone who is really doing this and thinking about how this would affect his people.

Battle of Oshi castle
I ended up doing this battle so many times that I really don’t want to do it again. Oshi castle is the city that Kai’s father is in charge of, and this is the battle where the terrain would get flooded, so the map would constantly change. The thing that annoys me is that waiting to go to the next part of the battle due to this can sometimes take a while, and when you are doing this for the tenth time, it gets really annoying.

Mitsunari would describe the Toyotomi army as the army of the people and even though he coming to attack this place is obviously going to harm the people here, we can still see that he really believes that what he is doing is in the best interest of everyone, as he would not be able to attack the peasants. This show that he is not dominated by the thoughts of winning alone, he really does believe that he is here to make everyone’s life better.

During the battle, Nobuyuki would comment that Mitsunari is idealistic and always focus on his ideals, but afterwards, he would also say that Mitsunari only sees Hideyoshi’s vision. This is really similar to what Motonari said to Hideyoshi, that he is probably the only one here fighting for Nobunaga, as the rest of his retainers are clearly fighting for him instead. Nobuyuki would be a bit similar to Masamune by saying that he does not care about who end up taking control of the land, because he simply wants to protect those that are important to him.

What Kai’s father says at the end of the battle is really chilling- are those with strength the leaders? Are those with intelligence always right? Because that is what is happening.

2nd Battle of Ueda Castle
There will be two versions for this battle, as the brothers would split up. I am definitely 200% on Nobuyuki’s side when he comments that vision alone is not enough to win the war, and they also have their family to think of. If their house dies, they won’t even be warriors. I do feel that Yukimura is selfish in that he just says that his brother is wrong and does whatever he wishes. He does not consider the impact of his action at all. After the battle, Nobuyuki would beg Ieyasu to let Yukimura live and it is just really sad to see him do this, only for Yukimura to throw it away.

I really like what Nobuyuki says- that compares to Ieyasu’s burdens, Mitsunari’s ideals are merely sentiments.

The Osaka Campaign
I personally don’t get what is so amazing and heroic about Yukimura’s final sacrifice in Osaka. In fact, I would even say that is foolish and selfish. In the end, he is not protecting his people, his brother is the one doing it. Is it for the Toyotomi? But I don’t feel that he shows any strong loyalty, it seems more the case that he just wants to make a stand. I feel really sorry for Nobuyuki in that he was doing so much for his brother, only for Yukimura to throw it away.

I feel that Magoichi describes it perfectly in 3 when he says that it is time to grant Yukimura his death wish. But I really enjoyed playing Yukimura’s side in the battle of Osaka, as I get to play Koshoushou again, and it is really touching to see her thinking of Motochika.

On Nobuyuki’s side, you can only choose him and Ina. The route would end with him and Ina watching the sakura.

I can’t remember exactly which battle it is, but if you use Hattori Hanzou, then you would get a cut scene where he tries to assassinate Yukimura, only to give up due to his illness.

This is the last of the story routes, but I will be doing a review for some of the chronicle events too.