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Angle Heart – TV Drama,Spectre

These are both long overdue entry that I had in my file for ages, but kept on forgetting to put up.

Angle Heart – TV Drama

I first read the manga by chance and I actually like the story, although my problem is that the story is a bit too male oriented at times. That is probably why I like the anime more. But when I saw there was a drama, I decided to watch it.

I really like it and I thought the amazing part is how they changed it without making it into a change. When I watched the first episode I was quite shocked and disappointed that there wasn’t the issue of her being the daughter of the gang’s boss. I feel that without this, this is just another case of her being someone who wants to escape an organisation.

I still enjoyed it and watched it, but due to real life issues, I paused a bit, which turned out to be really good, because I don’t think I could have bear the wait.

The last episode is really impressive as they managed to make it work, even explaining why her real father was playing the bad guy. But I thought that scene was done really well, because Ryou would turn and point the gun at Xian Ying and her dad immediately reacted. So it is really impressive that they made what happened in the first episode (book) into the big grand revelation in the final episode.

My only complaint is that the additional of the new guy in the organisation was a bit weird, although I got to applaud the guy for how hard he was working.

One of the bit I really like is the ending, when Faust was going to give Miku the present (the telescope). He actually put the telescope at the place where he used to keep the weapons. So when he dragged it down, everyone was yelling that she can’t see this, but it was really nice, that it was a present instead.

Over all I really enjoyed watching it, and was quite sad that it was finished.

I have quite a funny memory with James Bond. My dad really likes the series and he used to watch it often. As a result, my sister and I would often watch it with him. Me, I have only watched some, but my sister has actually watched all of it.

Now that I think about it, I think my parents should have censored this.

My favourite James Bond is actually Pierce Brosnan. With him, I can understand where the sex appeal comes from. I actually didn’t like Daniel Craig’s version that much in the beginning, because my idea of James Bond is that he is almost always very calm and composed, being able to throw in the odd puns. Roger Moore is probably the best example of this, although his sense of fashion…as to be expected in the 70s and 80s?

But I do like this film and I thought what was really amazing is the character of Madeleine Swann. When she said that she hates gun and refuses to use one, I thought this was just the idealistic pacifist of an otome games. “Fighting is wrong and I am just going to stand with my arms wide open in front” (Haruka 5 left a bitterness that has yet to go). But it turns out that she is actually really good and she could shoot really well. I feel she is someone really strong, who can back up what she says.

The film itself feels like a last film, as if Bond is retiring with Madeleine.

This is more to do with the new series in general, but I really like how Moneypenny is actually a former agent, not just a secretary and assistant. Another thing I really looked forward to in this film is that we get to see Ralph Fiennes as M. I have to admit, when I saw him in Skyfall, I actually thought that he was going to be a bad guy. I really like the end of Skyfall, when we see him as M.

I was quite surprised at seeing Andrew Scott as ‘C’, and since the only other stuff I have seen him in is Moriarty in ‘Sherlock’, I was wondering if I’ll get to see him playing the good guy instead. At first, I actually thought that he was going to be a like Ralph Fiennes in the last film, even though he seems a bit of a jerk, he is actually a good guy.

Unfortunately, that was wrong, but I like the scene in the end, when M ask him whether C means careless.