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Samurai Warriors 4: Chronicle events

This is in 4 and not 4-II which I think is a bit of a pity, because I really like this. At the very least, I wished that they would give a special downloadable context for Naomasa, since he was the additional character in 4-II. I would even be willing to pay for it.

The idea of the chronicle event is that you play as an original PC, and you actually get to create their appearance. This bit is quite fun because you can choose the costume, the hairstyle, and even the facial experience. Since this is Sengoku Musou, you even get to pick their kanji for true musou. I also like the family emblem being a decoration that you can have. (I started of as Saitou, although my next PC then was from the Chousokabe clan). Unfortunately, this is only a decoration, it won’t result in any acknowledgment from the relevant members of the clan. (In empire, they even one-up this by letting you have the ability to choose who your father is, although there was no reaction either).

Basically the PC start of taking a commission from one of the regional lords, and this really just affect cut scene and where you start off on the map. All the leaders would ask you to travel across the country and collect stories of the heroes. Depending on who you choose, the reason would be different, and it would also affect where you start off on the map. As you travel across the map, you will bump into characters in the game and often have to fight. Once they reach a certain amount of affection for you, you can take them with you as you fight. Each character has 4 cut scenes, and in general you get two different options in each scene.

I picked Masamune, so I quickly met him and Kojuurou, along with Kanetsugu and Kenshin. So it was quite easy for me to travel downwards and meet new people.

For many characters, the fourth cutscene reflect in some sort of declaration, although you could still face them in battle. But this bit was done quite well, because what they say when they encounter you would actually be different. Masamune would comment that he does not need this additional feeling, which clearly means that he is affected. Nouhime would tell you that she won’t hold back even if it is you. But the one that I remember the most is actually Sasaki Kojirou, as he will say (quite sadly) that this must be what it feels like to cut down someone you care about.

I think there are two ways to advance to the next/final phase. You either unlock all the four events of the playable samurai warriors characters (people like Masamune, Nouhime etc), or you unlock the biographies of the NPC (which is much harder). Chances are, the first way would be easier and quicker. Once that happen, you can return to where you started of and the said person would give you a final battle. Afterwards, you get a final cut scene.

I have to say, with the exception of Masamune, everyone else kind of just go “Good night and thank you”. For some people they even point out that you probably are really eager to continue your wandering. Masamune is the only person who actually offers you employment.

One of the really good part about chronicle is that regardless of which fraction you start of with, the moment that you finish, you unlock all the cut scenes of the other fractions, so you don’t have to restart the whole thing to see what it would be like if you had accept a commission from another fraction. I find the ending cut scene for Shikoku very interesting, because it is in two parts. The PC will say goodbye to Gracia and Mitsuhide, and then goes to find Motochika playing his shamisen, who tells her that everyone have their different song and just as she will continue travel, he will continue playing his shamisen.

As there are a lot of character, I am not going to talk about their events one-by-one, I’ll just talk about specific ones that interest me. I also use she and her for my PC, since I played a female character. The list is in no particular order.

A small side note, I am aware that mochi, steamed bun and manjou are different things, but due to this being quite hard to convey in English and the fact that I can’t remember exactly what translation was used, there might be a slight inconsistency at times.

At the beginning, Yukimura would actually be a bit ‘blond’, as that is the only word I can think of to describe him, although the PC uses odd. Yukimura would try to look for his headband even though it was on him, say he can hold his drink and then pass out after one cup. Later on, Nobuyuki would tell the PC that there are times when he can’t tell which is the real Yukimura. Afterwards, the PC will ask Yukimura about this and if you ask him whether his previous behaviour were an act, he would say that this is because he thought the PC like someone a bit odd. But if you just ask tell him that you want to see the real Yukimura, he would say that this is who he is. Regardless of what you choose, he would declare that he like you. Initially, I just thought that this was a classic case of the guy trying to be the type that the girl want, but my sister point out that it could be a deeper psychological issue. I think she is probably more right then me.

Nobunaga’s events are quite interesting, and I think they give a more detailed insight to his character. The PC will meet Nobunaga during a failed assassination attempt (by others) and his reaction is actually to laugh about it. He would say: “Laugh at the chaos before us, even as we trample and destroy it.” He definitely is someone that wants to put an end to this chaos, just that he believes that it has to be done by power.

In the next event, the PC will meet him during a festival and he will use this as an extended metaphor: “This whole world is a festival. When that passion dies, it will mark its end. So we must have fun! If we must live, then we must make the festival enjoyable. I wait for the coming of one such as this. If they appear, then I shall die, and they shall live.” Not only does this show his character, his determination to do what he wants, it also shows his acceptance of losing what he has. I think it is the idea that everything is fleeting, and he knows that one day he will lost what he has. I always think of how he would walk back to the burning temple in Honnoji, even when some of the versions suggest that he actually has a chance of leaving. There is a sense of he knows that it is time to end it, and he would choose it to be this very moment.

In the third event, the PC would talk about how Nobunaga has been making many enemies. Nobunaga will comment that he does not wish to hold back, as doing so would be like living without value, meaning that he would also die without this. Shibata will tell the PC that Nobunaga is like that, always charging his way forward, even if it will cause danger, and his retainers feel that they have no choice but to follow him. Shibata would actually say that Nobunaga’s reign would probably be quite short, as well as commenting that Nobunaga is always acting alone. This is actually true because ultimately, Nobunaga is merely doing what he wants. Even though a part of him does also want to end the chaos, I think a large part of this is motivated by his own desire, not so much in a desire to create a better world.

Nobunaga’s final event is very interesting. He will actually tell the PC that she is beautiful and he wants her to be right beside him. This is almost like a love declaration, I think this is what he feels toward Nouhime.

Magoichi is probably the only guy that has his event dependent on your PC’s gender. If you are a female, he basically tires to flirt with you every time he can, but is constantly interrupted. In the final cut scene, he’ll even yell out that he knows someone is going to interrupt him, so they might as well get it over with.

Takeda Shingen
At first, he’ll get the PC to be one of his spies (what the guy is famous for), only to declare out that he will join her in the travel, as he is only a body double. The two of them would create a code. But one day, when the PC watches the real Takeda Shingen speak, he will sudden do the code, revealing that the PC has met the real person all along. I do find the ending quite cute.

Once again, I want to point out that he is the only leader who actually asks the PC to stay with him. This is not fully related, but I want to point this out.

Masamune’s route focuses on the idea of family. It will start with him looking at two brothers riding on one horse, saying that they will make good soldiers. Later on, he’ll ask the PC what she thinks about one’s parents.

In the third event, he’ll tear off a scroll/painting and give half of it to the PC and keep the other half. As the painting is quite expensive, she would examine some sort of a shock. At this, he would say the following: “Any thing with form eventually breaks. Be it a scroll, a tea cup, anything. There are many things that are far more important. Yet people become fixated on objects. This is the nature of man, I suppose…yet isn’t it also sad? If this bonds us together more strongly, I don’t care what it costs.” I do find this event really sweet, although I can’t help but to wonder: did he say this if he accidentally broke some thing valuable of Kojuurou’s?

The final scene has him watching the two brothers riding on one horse again. The PC would say the following: “Masamune had a loud quick temper, but was actually very emotional, and wanted peace more than anyone. More than anything, he was desperate for the love of family.” After this, the two of them would ride one horse together, just like the two brothers. Depending on what the PC choose, Masamune might even ask her whether she is trying to imitate the two brothers, and then comment that if she does consider her as his family, then she better hold on.

I don’t fully get Nouhime’s route, but she will talk about how with Nobunaga, there are times when she feel that she is losing herself, having changed a lot due to him. It is actually because of this that made me wonder whether Hanbei’s words of how Nouhime was changed so drastically by Nobunaga is accurate.

Hattori Hanzou
At one of the earlier cut scenes, he would be instructing one of Ieyasu’s sons. Most likely the third, as he is called Saburou. However, in his final cut scene, Saburou has been ordered to die. I don’t know if this is meant to reflect what happened with his first son, who Nobunaga ordered to die due to Nobunaga’s daughter (Ieyasu’s daughter-in-law) having accused them of being traitors, or whether this is due to something else. But I choose to let my PC be the one that does it, and Hattori Hanzou would say that he can never forget this, even as he wiped the blood off her face.

Mitsunari’s event really show how is he is someone nice, but due to not being good at expressing his feelings, seems otherwise. However, the chronicle events end quite nicely for him, because he will ask the PC to stay with him, even hugging her. He would be able to create a town where everyone is happy, as that is one of his dreams. But I think the chronicle event show that if you get a chance to know him, then he is pretty decent, as he is considerate of the PC’s feeling.

My thoughts: “The mochi is round, it is really round”, and “Ginchiyo is this kind of person?” I think her events are something that needs to be seen to be appreciated…

At one point, Kanetsugu would say that Masamune invited him to a tea ceremony with the intention of mocking him since he knew Kanetsugu does not know the necessary manners. Therefore, he will take the PC with him, and imitate what the PC does. If the PC does not do it correctly, Kanetsugu will actually accidentally break Masamune’s cup, causing Masamune to yell out that the cup is really expensive (But Masamune, what about the scroll you ripped in two? And didn’t you say that all things that have a form eventually break and people shouldn’t become fixed on them?)

Fuma Kotorou
His route is basically him finding a new dog, and that is actually what he says in the game. He describes the PC as a puppy. At one of his events, he is even looking after a dog, saying he just can’t abandon it. His final event has him saying that he will continue to watch over her until she dies. If this is anyone else other then him then it will be the case of “Stalker…”

I still find it hard to believe that he is voiced by Hiyama-san too, and this is actually still Hiyama-san using the same voice (although this is quite like Hikitsu in Genbu Kaiden and Tachibana in Love Revolution). Totally random but there is a scene in one of the life drama where Hiyama-san will imitate Motochika and Imagawa’s voice.

Motochika’s route involve the idea of how this is a dangerous time, where you have to trust no one, as anyone could lie to you. He will say this in the beginning: Doubt everything, and resist everything. The only thing you can rely on, in the end, is yourself.” I am actually really surprised that he did not once mention Mitsuhide, or have the other coming out.

It starts with him tricking an enemy into letting his guard down due to disguising he and his men as member of a feast. To illustrate his point further, he will offer the PC a red bean bun that is actually filled with chilli. If she tries to eat it, Goemon would. But if she refuses, Motochika would reveal what it is, then eat it, reminding her that she need to be careful. This event is a bit evil, because the historical character is famous for an event relating with steamed bun/manjou. This took place sometime after Shikoku surrendered, when he was at a feast held by Hideyoshi. He would be given a steamed bun and after a bite, he would say that he wish for his family retainers to eat this too. So when I saw the event, I thought that he is giving me something nice.

In his final event, the two of them would be at a sumo match, only to realise that this is a trap held by his enemy. The PC would escape to get help, and then return to find him gone. However, he will then submerge from the ocean, revealing that he was hiding in there. He would comment that hiding in the water for a long amount of time is easy, since he used to swim from Shikoku to Kyoto (is this guy Ranma’s ancestor? Is he going to swim to China too?)

Sasaki Kojirou
Much to my surprise, I actually ended up really liking this guy’s events. I feel that the PC and him genuinely got close due to travelling together. His events in chronicles might even be responsible for me liking him as a character. The PC actually meets him, Musashi, Goemon and Okuni soon after she accepted the commission from the leader, and they would be one of the first NPCs that would join her on her trip. But chronologically, the timeline does not make sense, as the people you meet cannot exit in the same time.

The first event has the PC asking about his make up, and he will tell her that the person underneath the make up is actually dead. After this, he will then say that he want to talk about something happy with her. I feel that the amazing thing about his route is that even though he is pretty crazy and trigger happy, you can tell that he actually genuinely cares for the PC, and the two of them does seem quite happy together.

The second event have Munenori talking to the PC, asking her whether Kojiirou would be able to cut a rock in half, an indication of skills. A really nice part is that Munenori will describe Kojirou as the PC’s friend. Kojiirou would show the PC that he can when she asks, and the two of them then walk away, deciding to have tea together. But Munenori was actually watching, would comment that it is the same style of the young lord from the Kyushu uprising.

The next event start of with the PC overhearing two rounin wishing to rebel, and saying that their young lord has changed his name to Kojiirou. This would lead to the PC asking Kojiirou about his past, and he would reveal it. Apparently, his family were lords in Kyuushu who rebelled. After his family died, he escaped and wanted a new life. The ruler of the time is actually Ieyasu, which is why I say that the timeline is not meant to make sense. In addition, I think this is something that is created for the game, because not much is known about the real Sasaki Kojirou’s early life.

The final event has Kojirou telling the PC that Musashi has agreed to fight him, and if the PC asks him to run away with her afterwards, he would agree, saying that he is getting too much exposure lately. However, the event would end with the grim reminder that he would soon die after the duel, possibly assassinated.

Out of all the characters, I feel that this is the closest to a love declaration due to the promise of running away with the PC afterwards. This is almost like a very mini route. I actually immediately see this as a possible fan fiction setting. The PC was giving a commission and on her way, she met him. Due to her unconventional life, they ended up caring for one another and planned to be together once they each finish their unfinished business. I suddenly even envision a love triangle between the PC, Kojirou and Musashi. After Kojirou’s death due to Musashi’s student, the PC would angrily ask Musashi whether he really did not realise what his student was planning.

The PC will find a dog and Kiyomasa will end up building a home for the dog. Kiyomasa would end up adopting the dog due to being reminded of how he was abandoned and then took in by Hideyoshi. The final event actually takes place after quite sometime, as the puppy has grown up and gave birth to her own puppies. The final event is really cute, as he would talk about how he plans to build a castle, and almost asks the PC to live with him.

His first event is him giving money to someone who is poor without demanding a return. I think this shows that in a way, he is quite similar to Mitsuanri in that he is actually really nice, but is not very good at conveying himself. This would actually be pointed out by Takakage. Takakage’s brief sentence probably summarised his character perfectly: “Master Kanbei is wise, but he can hurry too quickly to the truth, and injure people along the way.”. However, I think the difference between him and Mitsunari is that he is better at looking after himself, as he prevents himself from being in such a position. There is also the fact that he is not idealistic.

I quite like how Takakage and Hanbei would make a guest appearance in his events, although Kanbei would complain that they are being too nosy in his home. But it seems he is surprisingly good with children, as children would often play in and near his house. In one of the cut scene in the main game, it would be revealed that children often like to play around him when he was retired.

In the final cutscene, Mitsunari would want to discuss an emergency when Kanbei was playing a game of go with the PC. Kanbei would refuse, telling the PC that Mitsunari tend to exaggerate about the importance of an issue, and he doesn’t want to just leave when he is in the company of a good friend like the PC.

Kai’s route is really cute, as she will decide to participate in a tournament for females. She’s quite upset at how everyone make fun of her as a bear despite how much she take care of her appearance, so she might as well be known as the strongest instead of the prettiest. Kai would do so well in the tournament, that the PC would have to fight her. Even though Kai loses to the PC, she is still really happy due to their friendship.

I can see why Kai would be misunderstood though, because there’s this scene in Odawara when she yelled out: “Be prepared for complete defeat!”, where she is really scary.

Haraguroi. I don’t think there is any doubt that Motonari is this, but his events probably cement this even more. The PC would find him talking about…surprise, surprise! His three arrows story. You can have the choice of breaking or not breaking the three arrows. But even if you try to break it, it will not work, because he actually put iron rod in there.

Motonari-san…isn’t that defying the point of the story?

This guy is tsundare (and I am starting to think that his friend is yandare). But I actually really like Takatora’s route, it is one of the routes where the importance of the PC to him is very clear.

His route starts off quite darkly, as he would comment on how people can be replaced so easily. In fact, his first event is called dispensable. He compares himself to a hand towel, and given what he said- how they don’t cost and you use them while they last. It is pretty grim.

His second event has a change of mood though. He would talk about how he dislike steamed bun and one of the worst fate would be for him to be surrendered by them. The PC would buy a lot of manjou and goes to see him, and he will ask her to eat them with her. The game even describes him as having a rare smile. The scene is actually quite cute, because you can see that what he wants is to have a lunch date with the PC (although not only was he being tsundare, he also made the girl pay…)

His third event has him asking the PC to join him when he is trying to look for a site for a castle. He would talk about how a castle is important, comparing it to a warrior’s world. However, he then adds that a castle should not allow anyone inside. Once again, the metaphor makes the event quite grim. However, when the PC injured herself on the way down, he would actually carry her down.

His final event is a really nice ending, and his events are almost like a mini route. His final event is called indispensable. The two would be in a battle and when Takatora injured, the PC would go and save him despite the danger. They will manage to defeat the enemies together and Takatora would be really happy at the realisation that he has become important to the PC.

Hisahide is a very interesting character, especially in chronicles. In the main game, he just goes around saying that he is the greatest evil, but there are times when he would make really good points. As a result, I think he is actually quite a complex character. It is even more so here.

When the PC first meets him, he has a bell cricket with him. He will tell the PC that the cricket has lived longer then expected, and linked this to the life span of men. At that time, there is the idea of the average life span being fifty, and this is also famous attributed to Nobunaga. However, Hisahide will say this: “Fifty years? Hah! We could live three times that long. Yet we rush into death in battle, neglect our health, become sick with worry, and pointlessly shorten our lives! What a waste!” It is just such a perceptive comment and not something I would have expected from him.

In the second event, he would be giving out food to the poor. Once again, not something that one expect from him. He would explain that he does this as a way to critisise the idea of justice- that people who does not work should not eat. He then says this: “Watch out for ‘justice’. Justice can be used to make excuses, control you, and dominate your fate.” Once again, a very perceptive insight.

The third event has them meeting Ieyasu, who reveals his fear of spider. I would have thought that he would laugh at Ieyasu, but he actually say (to the PC) that this is normal, as most people are afraid of something. Later on, he would actually pat the PC’s head and describe her as cute due to being honest in her praise of him. He will say this: “How cute, how cute. So honest, so straightforward. Being dumb is actually a virtue. It also concerns me a little, though. It can even be dangerous. I’ll be here to help you, so don’t ever change.” I was really shocked by his words. It is not so much due to the affection he shows for the PC, although that is quite cute, but that he actually told her that she does not have to change. Given that the PC is presented as someone who is very different from him, he actually can accept who she is, and does not try to affect her in anyway.

Historically, Hisahide is also one of the two that burnt down Todaji, that other being Taira no Shigehira. However, it seems that Shigehira is condemned for it more. I guess it is partly due to the fact that he might have caused innocent people to die, and also, the Heian time was not prepared for this kind of thing. A bit of the case of “We are lucky that only one temple got burnt” Vs “Oh my gosh, a temple is burnt!”

It’s quite funny to use Kanetsugu and Kagekatsu in a battle, because one is so loud, and the other is the opposite. In fact, you can always tell when Kanetsugu is near, because he is just really loud and speaks a lot. (In Sengoku Lovers, Kanetsugu would be talking about how great Kenshin is and this scene would happen. Kenshin: “Kanetsugu.” Kanetsugu: “Yes, dono? I’ll do anything for dono.” Kenshin: “Can you stop talking for a while?”)

I actually really like Kagekatsu, because unlike his mother and uncle, he doesn’t claim that he is the one that is right or just.

Kagekatsu’s events show how he is often misunderstood due to his face being quite frightening. It even caused one of his retainers to jump into the lake due to thinking that the other was angry. His final event is really nice, as he would tell her that he is not good with spending time with woman, but he is really happy that he is with her.

Takakage’s event started of a bit randomly due to him asking you a riddle, but I guess I should be glad that he is not talking about the three arrows.

Takakage’s weapon is actually a sword and a book, and he is constantly reading. Although unlike his father, he doesn’t write. But Motonari clearly affects him as he would say that books that are long (what Motonari write) are amazing. He even says the equivalent of how it is about quantity not quality (in modern time, he’ll probably be the guy carrying around a copy of the complete work of Shakespeare). One of his events actually has him being in pain due to lacking a book to read. When the PC lends him a book to read, he will declare her out to be his saviour.

His final event is quite cute. He clearly likes the PC by this time, as he is not able to concentrate on reading when she is there. He would admit that he is not good at saying what he is feeling.