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I swear that my liking for characters is getting more and more cynical. Samurai Warriors is a really good example as I like people who are willing to do what is necessary for survival (Eg.Masamune) and I dislike people who goes on about an ideal and all that (eg. The justice trio). In the past, I would be the opposite. Although I like Motochika, but then he is willing to put aside what he wants to do in order to do what is necessary for his people. But even he didn’t, I don’t think I would dislike him, and I think the reason would be because he is willing to admit that his ideals would cause harm to many. I hope that they do Samurai Warriors 5 (it is also due to a very selfish reason that if Nouhime or Koshoushou have a nice out fit then I can cosplay as them). Much to my surprise, I actually really like Koshoushou. Yes, I don’t like her design re the hair, but her character is written that well, so that I don’t care about her hairstyle, I still like her.

But if they do a fifth game, the character that I most want to see the most is Chousokabe Morichika. Motochika’s fourth son who ended up being the head of the clan. Not only is there the issue of how he ended up being the heir, he is also someone who had very prominent role in the battle of Osaka. Apparently, he did super well in that last battle and would have killed Takatora if his allied didn’t end up being in trouble. Also, he was exiled after Seikigahara. I think it would be interesting to see his view- how he felt being the heir and then how he would have felt given that he was exiled from the province that his family managed to keep when his father was the one that actually managed to conquer the whole island.

The second person that I want to see is Megohime, because she and Masamune were married when they were really young, so it would be interesting to see their relationship and interaction. Also, since they married so young, it would not be unreasonable for her to come out beside Masamune, who is portrayed as someone very young in the games.

In regard to the game, there is actually a special game that is made for Yukimura that is ked to last year’s Taiga drama (and am super glad they did not have Kiri in it). From the review I have seen of it, I can safely say that I would not buy it. Firstly, I have never really liked Yukimura much and in the fourth game, I feel that he is just this selfish person who want to do what he wants without thinking of the consequences, and to make it worse, any that does not agree with this he would simply label them as wrong, including his own brother. As I have said before, my feelings in regard Yukimura and the battle of Osaka is what Magoichi said in the third game, it is time to grant him his death wish.

But in the fifth game, there is this whole focus on Yukimura and Chacha, and it almost seems as if the whole reason he is doing this is not for the Toyotomi, but for Chacha. This I don’t really mind because I feel that even in the original game, it was never so much about the Toyotomi, but just whatever Yukimura wishes. The idea of honour due to the action, not so much the purpose. So if his actions are due to Chacha, that would not be so surprising.

But one thing about the fifth game that really put me off is that this whole thing seems to be due to Chacha, that she seem to be this Mary Sue. To be honest, this should not be surprising, because I feel that Oichi has always been darting in that category. I feel that due to the way everybody love Oichi and speak of her in such a way, it almost makes her a Mary Sue. The fact that she is not is truly something that KOEI did really well, as they did manage to achieve this delicate balance. However, I think what made Chacha into this is that there is this whole idea of protecting her with the Toyotomi when in the game, she has pretty much nothing to do with the Toyotomi. Historically, Chcha/Yodo-dono is the mother of Hideyoshi’s only son, and this is the guy that you always have to fight in the battle of Osalka. Protecting Chacha links to the survival of the Toyotomi because she is the mother of the remaining heir of Hideyoshi. Therefore, the others are protecting her because of her son, her son being the child of Hideyoshi. Before, this has always been something that KOEI sort of ignored, because even though we know that Hideyoshi did not have any children with Nene but Hideyoshi had a son, obviously with another, this was never specifically said. Likewise, Nobunaga obviously had sons with other woman, but the sons are just present without any concubines, as Nouhime is the only wife. The sons are just always present as the other’s son without their mother being mentioned in anyway, they are just there.

However, by having Chacha actually present, this is not something that can just be ignored. KOEI basically had to make a choice and they actually choose to idealise history by not mentioning that Chacha became Hideyoshi’s concubines. Yes, Hideyoshi would look after her because she is Oichi’s daughter and Nobunaga’s niece, and that was actually the excuse that he used before he married her. However, it did not make sense if he did not marry her and she did not have his children, that the rest of his clan continue to look after her in such an important way after Hideyoshi is gone. Instead, the game pretty much made it as if she is the cause of everything, that battle of Osaka results in protecting her. This does not make sense because by this point, I doubt that Chacha could actually threaten Ieyasu’s rule, and even if for some reason it does, it does not make sense for the rest of the Toyotomi to protect her in such a way.

Speaking of this, it is necessary to mention Kai-hime and the discussion in regard to this. Historically, Kaihime actually becomes one of Hideyoshi’s concubine, and this does not seem to be the case in the game. In the game, it seems that she just simply choose to work for the Toyotomi due to her own reason. My take on this is that she probably married one of Hideyoshi’s relatives or his higher ranked retainers. Yes, this is the same as idealised history, but Kaihime not being Hideyoshi’s concubine does not matter as much as Chacha not being the concubine. As I have seen this being pointed out in reviews, Kaihime’s main importance in history is that she was the one that defended her city heroically. This is the legend that is associated with Kaihime. In addition, she did not give Hideyoshi any children, so whether she becomes his concubine or not actually would not result in any drastic changes in history. Chacha, however, is pretty much important for being the one that actually gives Hideyoshi sons (one died in his infancy) and this is important because it is this that influenced Hideyoshi’s numerous actions.