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Alignment chart: my original characters

I was thinking about alignments quite a bit and I was wondering whether I actually have created a character of each alignment, since I am finally having someone who is chaotic evil. I then realise that I have, although not all of them are in an actual multi-chapters stories.

Lawful Good: Rurihime (Original version in multi-chapters)
In that multi-chapters story, Rurihime is meant to be a nice person, who have a strong believe in the law being the right thing. Her decision to help Yasuhira is not just because she loves him, but because he is her husband. She also feels that a servant is different, because the laws of ranking matters. She is not a bad mistress, but her servants are clearly not on the same level as family.

However, in my later versions and spin off, I think her alignment probably slips quite a bit down. To neutral, if not to evil.

Neutral Good: Tanaka Ashita, Ayame (The Fading Anemones)
Ashita is the classic case of a person in the modern society. You are expected to be a good person, and while you should obey the law, it should not be followed blindly, or you might break one or two small things.

Ayame in the first version of the multi-chapters is the same. She is a good person, and it is important that she is not lawful, as that make her question what Nasatya would not.

Chaotic Good: Tanaka Aizuki
This actually took me a really long time to realise, but once I did, it make a lot of sense. Aizuki has done a lot of crazy things but she is a good person as she has never actually harmed anyone. She wanted to rebel, but this is really in a harmless level, such as her dying her hair, her owning a motorbike, and her drinking when under age. These examples are harmless, but she is breaking some form of a law and not only does she not care, she enjoy doing some of it. That is why she is a chaotic character.

Lawful Neutral: Yuri (Ranhin-teiki)
I am referring to the Yuri from my latest Fushigi Yugi story, where I feel that she would be lawful neutral. I think this is partly due to the fact that she grew up in an environment where there are a lot of rules, and it was also an environment where rules were not always fair. Therefore, she probably feels that had these rules been followed, then things might be very different.

Yuri is probably one of the best cases that show how she respects the rules and law of society, even if the result is not something that she likes. Her mother was executed due to adultery and even though she is very upset at this, she has made it clear that she understands the crime as that which deserves death. She does not blame her father for this, what upset her was the method, as she felt it went beyond the law punishing her mother for the crime. Likewise, she could accept Hotohori having concubines even though she was most upset at this, because this was the rule that was expected. As she had not given him any child, it might be necessary. Despite the fact that she was very upset at this, she never felt that the rule was wrong.

On a side note, I am actually not very sure what Hotohori’s alignment would be. I have a feeling that it might be lawful good. I feel that Yuri is probably a more neutral person, because due to what happened to her, she was not really able to be a good person that helps others, she had to focus on protecting herself.

True Neutral: Takatora Houko
This is the hardest alignment for me, and I feel that Houko is this because she is neutral in the matter of law, she prefers not breaking it but if she needs to break it, she would do so. As for the good and evil scale, she is neutral because she is a very self centered person. This is shown by why she decides to help Kyo. It was not done for the sake of helping the city, yet she was not doing it so that she would benefit greatly for it. She actually simply feels that she have to do this in order to survive. I think if Akuram had handle the situation in a different way, she could have been manipulated into destroying Kyo, although she would probably feel rather bad about it.

Chaotic Neutral: You Setsuka
Before, I tend to use Megumi or Arashi as an example, although that was a bit of an unusual case, because neither are human, and so have different rules. However, I then realise that Setsuka can actually qualify for this.

Firstly, due to what happened due to her being a celestial warrior, she is quite bitter. This then prevent her from being a good person, as she is no longer selfless in the ways of helping others. She is self centered in focusing on what is important to her, yet she would prefer to not hurt others if she could help it. If she can’t, she won’t feel that bad.

Setsuka is also definitely on the chaotic side of law because one of the aspects about her character is that she really hates the idea of being told what she could and can’t do, as well as being affected and restricted by her gender. She is probably the most feminist character that I have ever written. Since her childhood, she is constantly trying to show that she could fight as well as a boy. She is definitely someone who feels that if there is rule she does not agree with, or if a rule is stupid, then it could be broken.

Lawful Evil: Messallina Varela Meligeni
Messallina is someone who had her alignment decided first, and then her character is developed from there. This is because she is an OC for Vayne, who is lawful evil, and if she has a different alignment, he would probably not trust her to the extent to revel what he did to her.

She grew up in an environment where people use one another and she is a selfish person. But I feel even if she was in a normal environment, she would probably still be more on the selfish side, although she would not be so extreme. Regarding law, she does respect the law and although she does not always agree with it, she does feel that there need to be a certain institution. This then work with how Vayne was trying to reform the way of government, not just destroying it completely.

Neutral Evil: Nakatya/Amrita
I used the name Amrita for another story I was writing and I think I will probably use that name now, because it is quite suitable. Also, Amrita (the original version) is basically meant to be Nakatya, only without the sibling part.

Nakatya has always been a selfish person, and she is selfish instead of self centered because she has not qualm in hurting others. She cares for Nasatya, but he is the only one that she care for, as she herself pointed out, there are things that she does not do because he would be upset, but it is only because of that. It is because she does not want him to see this, not because she would feel bad,

One of the things I have thought quite about is why she is neutral evil instead of chaotic evil. In the end, I feel that this is because her affection for her twin brother and her own background, make her have a deeper respect for law then she otherwise would. Even though she often scoffed at law, she does feel that they are important and should not be broken. As I feel she has a more respect for the law as opposed to someone chaotic evil, she is neutral evil.

Chaotic Evil: Kiryuu Kikyou (Futaai)
Until Kikyou, I did not have a character that is actually chaotic evil, although Nakatya was probably just a few points away from being so. I realise that Kikyou is chaotic evil because firstly, she is a selfish person. This is someone who has no qualm in hurting others, she is even very upfront and honest about this.

As for law scale, she is definitely someone who will break any law that she think is stupid. This is partly because she grew up in a way where the law was used against her. Because she was adopted by her uncle, she was the one to do the bad stuff they don’t want her cousin to do. She was expected to make all these sacrifice. Then, because so and so was her husband, they could treat her in such a way. Given that this is someone who suffered marital abuse in two of her marriages, and also had a husband who openly preferred another woman, she would be upset at how they could do this simply because of social norm.

I feel that she is more chaotic evil where as Masamune is neutral evil, because he is more willing to work with law as opposed to her, who really scoffs at it. But I shouldn’t be so surprised that Kikyou is chaotic evil since Nouhime is, and she does worship the other quite a bit.

Samurai Warriors D&D alignment

My sister and I were just talking the other day and we ended up having a really random conversation where we actually talked about whether it was possible to categorise everyone in Samurai Warriors into a D&D alignment.

We actually ended up doing it for 90% of the characters, as per Samurai Warriors 4. I am not sure whether I should be telling the world how geeky I am.

I realised that I am not good at working out the good alignment characters, and the alarming thing is that most of the character that I don’t like are in the good alignment camp, and majority of the characters that I like are in the evil alignment camp. Most alarming thing is that for my three fav characters, one is in chaotic neutral (which is kind of the one that can wave at those in the evil alignment camp.) Then the other two are not just lawful evil, but neutral evil and chaotic evil. But at least I get this, I don’t get true neutral at all.

In my story, Team Oushu is definitely well represented there. Masamune is neutral evil, while Kojuurou is lawful evil, and my original character Kikyou is chaotic evil.

But I am just going to talk about how Samurai warriors show the alignments, although this is not everyone.

Lawful Good: Akechi MItsuhide
This guy can probably be the poster boy for this. His struggle is basically one of the most classic struggles of a lawful good character. “What do I do if my boss is suddenly telling me to do bad stuff?” Mitsuhide feels that his actions are wrong, yet he feels that he needs to follow Nobunaga at the same time, that he has to be loyal.

Neutral Good: Kobayakawa Takakage, Maeda Toshiie
I have always seen the neutral in regard to law as this: you respect the law and think that it shouldn’t be broken, but if need to, can do it. In addition, you are more likely to favour the law then not.

Takakage is a nice person and even though he would definitely prefer to follow the law, he would be willing to break it if he feels it is necessary. Toshiie is the same because even though he is not someone that is bound by convention, you can see that he does feel there should be a certain order. That is probably why he clash with Maeda Keiji, as the other lives too freely, although Maeda Keiji is a bit of an extreme case.

Chaotic Good: Kai
Good people, but does not follow the law so much. I feel that Kai is a really good example, this is not so much the deliberately rebelling against the law, but that she would feel that some conventions shouldn’t be followed, as the main thing is the result of helping someone.

Lawful Neutral: Tachibana Ginchiyo
The sense of following the rule that you feel is right, even though you might not fully agree. I think in her case, this is how she sees honour and her family. This is just something that she has to do. This is probably why she seems to clash with her husband quite a bit, because she is lawful neutral, while he is chaotic neutral.

True Neutral: Fuma Kotarou and Otani Yoshitsugu.
Fuma Kotarou is the weird druid neutral, in that he does not favour either law or chaos, but can sees a balance. He actually does not openly prefer chaos, because he actually wants to achieve the medium in between. There is also the fact that he seems to be a bit of a super human watching mortals. In addition to the druid neutral, this neutral is also a bit of a beyond human neutral. As my sister said, his attitude to Ujiyasu is not so much a master and servant, but more of the “Since I found this puppy and decides to keep it, I need to look after any children he have.” He does often describe people as dogs, and the crazy thing is that he does it in a way that is not insulting. It is almost as if he is not human.

Yoshitsugu represents the more normal type of true neutral and I am horrible at working out true neutral. I have said before, the true neutral characters I have written are true neutral by default. But roughly, the idea is that neither way does not matter, they are motivated by their self interest (in this case, he wants to help Mitsunari).

As I said, I am not good at working with true neutral characters.

Chaotic Neutral: Chousokabe Motochika, Tachibana (Takahashi) Muneshige
Motochika is the guy who constantly talks about rebellion and I feel that he is an example of someone who can make the right choice and knows what he should do, but would still choose the other option because he wants to. However, he would eventually decide to go with the rational choice.

I then feel that I have to mention Muneshige because he is an interesting case of chaotic neutral. He is a chaotic neutral that lives in a more lawful way then one expect of his alignment. (A bit like Asvin, although Asvin is chaotic good). I think that is kind of Muneshige’s tragedy, he would truly like to live freely, but he have to live with the responsibility that he is forced to have. In the modern day, this would be the guy who brought a plane ticket to go backpacking around the world, but got told by his dad that he has to marry and work in the family business. The sad thing would be that he loves his wife and want the family business to do well, yet there is always the fact that he wanted to go backpacking around the world.

Lawful Evil, Katakura Kojuurou
Kojuurou is definitely a very lawful character, as seen by his interactions with Masamune. Even though Masamune clearly value him a lot, there is no doubt that he is a servant instead of a friend, and I think that is what Kojuurou wishes.

As mentioned, in D&D, evil is not the “I am going to attack everyone I see with this weapon.” As a manual for one of the games (I think it was Baldur’s Gate 2) pointed out, if you play that way, you are not going to get far. Evil is about being selfish. In this case, Kojuurou’s selfishness is his desire to let Masamune and the Date family doing well. He is perfectly willing to benefit at other’s expense, and even though he might not want to, he would not be that upset by reasoning that it is for the good of his clan and master.

Neutral Evil, Date Masamune, Oda Nobunaga.
I actually really enjoy writing neutral evil characters (Nakatya/Amrita), so I am not completely surprised that my favourite character in Samurai warriors is in this alignment.

Masamune is neutral evil instead of lawful or chaotic, because he is not that chaotic a person, yet he is someone who will happily break the law to get what he wants. Ultimately, he prefers there being some sort of a system.

This is also why I feel Nobunaga is not chaotic evil, but neutral evil. This is because he does feel that there should still be some sort of an order and law. In addition, he does have quite a clear goal.

Chaotic Evil- Nouhime
I feel that Nouhime is definitely this because unlike her husband, she clearly enjoys and relishes in chaos so much more. She is also some one who enjoys creating chaos, unlike Nobunaga.

Kindaichi Case File

I was reading this manga again and I think I actually like the series better then Conan (Case Closed). This is because even though Kindaichi Hajime can be a bit of an idiot at times, he does not have the holier-then-thou attitude that Shinichi/Conan have. I also do feel that Conan’s condemnations can be hypocritical, because he is someone that is speaking from a very privileged background. His dad is a very prestigious novelist, and his mother is an ex-actress that retired at the high of her fame. He lives in a rich as house. In that way, Hajime can be a bit more approachable in that he lives in a much more ordinary family, and his family have a limited income.

I will be using his first name, since Kindaichi is really Kindaichi Kosuke.

Even though Hajime will condemn the murderers, he is never completely without sympathy. I feel that this is quite a contrast in Conan. Even though there are times when Conan would show sympathy, he usually condemns the murderers in a way that dismiss their suffering. As if he feels that they should just have got over it. Yet the nature of the suffering is not something that one can just get over. He also sometimes speaks of suffering as someone who does not understand it. One who says that you should do so and so even though this is something they would never experience. Ie. it is always easier said then done. I feel that in the earlier stories, this is not so bad, but it becomes more common in the later case. Also, that mysterious organization annoys me, because I want to read a whodunit mystery, not a crime spy story.

I think I like Kindaichi Case File more because you have sympathetic murderers, and it is quite touching to read about their psychology at times. Although there are times when it is not the case. I find the story of his nemesis really touching, especially in the end, when it was revealed that his mother wanted revenge too, and the one she killed was actually the most guilty one.

One thing I like about the story is that despite Hajime saying that this is not right, he never tries to condemn the murderer for what they feel. He does not suggest that they should just have tried to get over their pain or dismiss it. Instead, he tries to help them by talking about the ones that the murderers lost. To actually get them to focus on the good instead of the bad. I feel that if his stories are the ones in Case Closed, the result would be very different.

One of the stories that illustrates this is about how this youth was avenging a girl that his two ex friends killed after they tortured her. When one of them was discovered dead, the sister of the girl they killed would laugh and say that this is no less then what they deserved as that was what they forced her sister to suffer. No one could reply to her. That scene was really powerful because it illustrates the pain of the ones that care for the victim really well. Their loved one was subject to such cruelty, so why shouldn’t these people suffer what they did? Also, how could anyone just dismiss the pain you feel and say that you should forget it. Could they themselves truly do that?

Another story that left a deep impression on me is the one that talks about how three youths bullied their classmates, causing him to die in an accident. The three of them would become quite successful as a way to redeem themselves, with one being a lawyer that specifically works with delinquents in the hope of helping them. However, they would be killed by the sister of their victim. The ironic thing about the story is that she lost her memory and only recalled what happened due to one of them harassing her, and even though the guy was drunk, he does seem the less remorseful and less sympathetic one. If not for them, she would have continued living on, as she was actually quite happy with her new family and life.

The twist is that she would kill the trio and the third of the trio (a lawyer who even send money to her foster mother so that she could have a better life) would cover up the murder for her. But when she discovered this, what she said is very symbolic. She would say something along the line of: “It was true that I committed my crime in passion and someone was covering up for me, but if he is the one, what of it?” She shows the fact that forgiveness is not something that anyone is entitled to. Perhaps the lawyer truly felt remorseful and did all this for her, but as she said, what of it? Just because they are trying to make amends, there is no reason for her to forgive them. She does not own them forgiveness just because they want it. As she herself said coldly, almost emotionlessly, “So what of it?” Her family is destroyed and they would never come back. Earlier on, when the incident a decade or so ago was mentioned, one of the trio would say that since it happened so long ago, surely people would have got over it. The police in charge would be really angry and say that the relatives of the ones could only be continue to be involved, and one cannot move on so easily.

Il Trovatore (Met Opera Streaming)

I think I would never become an opera person, although I quite like seeing The Met Opera because of the amazing as background. I can understand why their ticket is so expensive, because it must be very expensive to produce one of their operas.

I was not completely emotionally involved, but I still got a bit teary eyes at some parts.

One of the thing is, whenever the count came out, everyone was clapping like mad. As in they would start clapping just by this guy coming out. Even before he sings, people clap like mad. When he came out in the end, people were throwing flowers onto the stage for him.

I goggled later on and it turned out that the singer- Dmitri Hvorostovsky is battling cancer, and this performance was a special performance by him.

This is the first Shakespeare I have studied and I think it would always be the most important play to me, as it is this play that allows me to actually like Shakespeare. Before, I know who he is, but I have never read any of his stuff, and I would never have thought to read any of his work. But I actually have a lot of really good memories of studying this, and talking to my friends about it. Of course, in the teenage sense of not understand much but think that they do way.

The first version I have seen was the BBC one and it was actually Helen Mirren as Titania. I was actually really touched by the relationship between Oberon and Titania, as you can see that this Oberon really love her.

So I was quite excited at seeing that it was going to be streamed in Riaolto, the Globe version. Over all, it was good but my favourite version is actually still that version that I first saw all these years ago. I actually found that copy online and rewatchrf it, and it is definitely still my favourite version, the relationship between them is as cute and sweet as I remembered.

The Globe version is good, and the interesting thing is that the actors who play Theseus and Hippolyta are also the actor and actress for Oberon and Titania, so it almost seems as if the other two are their avatar, and their personality are very similar. Although Theseus is obviously trying a bit harder to court her.

I do feel that the comedy could be a bit over the top at times, and even though Oberon and Titania do care for each other, they are also the type that would yell at each other due to fighting about who is wearing the pant.

The other thing is that there is an extreme rivalry with the laborers, which I did not like that much, because I really like how in the old version, the laborers are friends with one another and even though Bottom wants to play every role, he actually is really happy when someone else suggested a better idea that can work. There is no power struggle, and they really are just friends who want to do something great together.

Sengoku Basara: Episode 1, 2, 3

I know about this anime, but due to what I read about on Wikipedia, I thought that the whole thing seemed to be a bit over the top. However, upon watching one episode due to curiosity, I was surprised to discover that I really like it. It is over the top, but they did it in a way that it is done really well. It is ridiculous, but yet you can suspend your belief and just laugh at it. I was quite surprised, because I’m the type of person who usually likes the first of what I saw, and this is actually the second case.

I doubt that I would be able to play the game, but I intend to watch the anime (not to mention that there are also quite a bit of seiyuu that I like in the game).

I admit, I was also a bit biased due to seeing that they did Motochika really well. I was expecting him to be very rash and complete opposite of the one in Samurai Warriors, but he was not. He is a bit like Sazaki. Despite being rash, he is someone who thinks of his action, he is not foolish. In addition, he has the bearing of being the Lord of a place. It is ironic, because if Masamune in Sengoku Basara is much older, then they show us a much younger Motochika.

Note: in the review, for the majority of the character, if their name has double u or an ou, I would actually be lazy by writing only the first letter. Given that I have a Japanese friend who does this, I presume it is not actually offensive. I will, however, write Nouhime’s name in full.

For now, I will try to write a summary/thought for every episode.

Episode 1

  • Masamune and Yukimura seem to be the main character and even though Yukimura seems quite similar, I feel that Masamune is much older then the one we get to see in Samurai Warriors. I guess what he would have been like after the battle of Osaka. Even though they do say that he is meant to be quite young, he seems much older.

  • The first episode shows the meeting between Masamune and Yukimura, and there is this whole issue of how they met their destined rival. We actually start the anime with Masamune and his men riding off to battle, and it is revealed that he is actually intruding between the battle of Takeda and Kenshin. I am not sure how historical this is, but given that they are not exactly advertising themselves as being historical accurate, I think we can just let it go.

  • There are so many over the top moment in this anime, that I am not able to mention all of them, as there are too much. But the relationship with Yukimura and Shingen, their battles I think Sasuke was bang on the dot when he pointed out that a normal person would already have died due to Shingen’s treatment: “Most people would usually die from a hit like that.”

  • Sasuke would actually ask Masamune to retreat by pointing out that he risk being attacked by the other two armies. When Kojuro ask Masamune to consider this, he would do so, and you can clearly see that he respect Kojuro’s opinion greatly. The scene when he talks to Kojuro later shows this too. I really like their route in Samurai Warriors and I think Sengoku Basara is doing quite well too.

  • At the end of the episode, the Date army would actually lure the Hojo army so that they would fight the Takeda army, as the Hojo army would think that they are working together.

  • To end on a chilling note though, Shingen would actually say something very chilling: that as someone in this time, Yukimura should be trying to be the one to one day take over. Although what Yukimura said is really touching: that he does not see why he should do this, as he would always serve Shingen.

Episode 2

  • Like the last episode, I pretty much laughed most of the time, until the end. I think this anime is good to watch for stress relief.

  • The Takeda army was on their way to fight Imagawa, which I think is historical. However, Masamune is doing so too. As mentioned, I don’t think that he was actually old enough during this time.

  • In both Samurai Warriors and Sengoku Basara, Imagawa is portrayed as someone really useless, but historically, he is meant to be having certain ability as well. However, Samurai Warriors 4 had a really interesting scene when Imagawa talked to Ieyasu, asking him whether he plan to be the leader and whether he has the resolution of doing so. It is only a few lines, but that is a really powerful scene.

  • Back to the anime, the contrast between Masamune and Imagawa is too ironic. One almost want to tell Masamune: “It’s okay, you don’t have to get all dressed up for this occasion.” When Yukimura come, it is quite funny, because it just seems so perfectly timed. The way that Masamune suddenly stops is just really funny. A sense of he got here and memorized the scripts he has to say, so even though the opponent is totally not worth it, he still need to get it over and done with.

  • Hojo is actually portrayed as someone completely different. Actually, I am not sure if he is that Hojo or Hojo’s son.

  • I don’t know if it was because I was replaying Hosho no Oujo Yoshitsune when I watched the episode that Sasuke really remind me of Ise. Light hearted, yet is aware of all that is happening.

  • Nou-hime comes out! Regardless of which game, I love Nouhime. Well, the whole of Oda come out, and it is that standing on the cliff pose.

  • I like how Masamune’s reaction is shown, he would pull his sword, only to literally freeze, and when he tells Yukimura to be quiet, you can see that he is sweating. The interesting thing is that his hands are not even shaking: he literally just can’t move.

Episode 3

  • Maeda Keiji come out and he is completely different from the one in Samurai Warriors. He is actually quite similar to the one the one in Sengoku lover. He will go and visit Kenshin and I guess the historical person does do this, because I recall that in Sengoku lovers, he’d part with his girlfriend and then return with gifts he got for her in Echigo.

  • Maeda Matsu comes out and she and Toshiie has a really affectionate relationship. We first see her yelling at Keiji but when Toshiie come out, she will become very girlish, clearly adoring her husband.

  • Keiji will talk to Kenshin about what has happened and he would say that there is clearly something wrong with Nouhime since she continue to be with Nobunaga even though he burnt her home. He also tried to warn Nagamasa, but the other actually say this is an insult to him. It turns out that Keiji is actually going to go around and talk to the others, so that they can unite and fight against Nobunaga.

  • In Oushu, Masamune has been acting rather strangely, as he would either be in deep thought, or be practicing. Keiji would go and find Masamune.

  • Shingen would be talking to Yukimura (their whole punching one another thing) and he would ask Yukimura why Masamune has been so quiet. Yukimura’s initial thought is that Masamune was simply preparing himself, and when Shingen pointed out that it is due to fear, Yukimura would be deeply shocked. Shingen would tell him that it is wrong to not be afraid: “To be ignorant of fear is the ultimate act of foolishness. Knowing fear is an absolute necessity.”. However, Yukimura would still fail to understand.

  • Masamune and Keiji would end up fighting and Keiji seem a bit of the idealistic character who wish for world peace, because that would be how he try to get the people to work together. I think he make the typical mistake of that type of character by presuming that other people might not be doing this, as he would tell Masamune that it would be better to live in a time of peace instead of dying in battle. This seems the case of: “Why do you think that the other does not want this?”

  • Masamune will beat Keiji and he would tell the other to try somewhere else. Koujurou would reveal that the reason Masamune was afraid is also because he realise that he is not able to die, as he has too much responsibility.

  • The episode would end with Masamune deciding to attack Nobunaga, the idea that if someone has to do it, he might as well do it.

Slight thought about Nouhime: I think the Nou-hime in this story is much saner then the one in Samurai Warriors, although her husband is the opposite. Nouhime is devoted to her husband, but that is not really wrong, as she is really just fighting for him. If she can, she would be a nice person, as shown by the way she acts around children. However, the one in Samurai Warriors is a bit crazy as she likes to talk about destruction and hell on earth being something beautiful. Yet the ironic thing is that Nobunaga in Sengoku Basara seems kind of crazy, the bwahahaha evil overlord thing, whereas the counterpart in samurai warriors does have a vision.

Kamikaze Girls (thoughts)

A Japanese actress that I really like is Tsuchiya Anna. I first saw her accidentally in Sakuran, which is quite an interest film. I saw Ali Project’s Katana to saya music video, and I learnt about oiran and due to trying to find out more about them, I ended up finding Sakuran. I didn’t actually find the drawing that nice but upon seeing the film, I ended up reading it. I should probably give a proper thought for the film, but a quick note: the extravagant oiran costumes were amazing, but the story is quite depressing.

Due to Sakuran, I wanted to see something else she was in, and I then discovered this film: Kamikaze Girls. This is one of her most famous stuff. Tsuchiya Anna is really beautiful, as she can even look nice in the ugly tracksuit she wore in Kamikaze Girls. But she is definitely not just someone that can dress up pretty and smile, as I feel her acting is really good.

The film is about Momoko, who lives in a small town that is very country. She is a walking Lolita who lives in her own world, as she is happy enough due to her clothes. Her parents divorced- her mother remarried a doctor and her father went to live with his mother in the country. Momoko actually choose to live with her father. Due to selling some of the counterfeit clothes her father used to sell, she met Ichigo, who is a member of a biker gang. The two girls become friends and in the end, due to helping Momoko, Ichigo misses a meeting in the gang and was going to be beaten up. Momoko would actually turn up and help. Afterwards, the two girls ride on the bike together, realising that they are friends.

I really like the film and I think it is not surprising that the two of them become friends, because it is something that can just happen. However, I think Momoko ending up really caring for Ichigo is more touching, because Momoko is someone who was always happy living in her own world. Ichigo is different, because she really wants friends, but because her classmates did not accept her, she turned to the biker gangs, as they are the only ones that seemed to care about her. Yet by the end of the film, Momoko is sacrificing a chance to do have her sewing display in the shop she loves in order to help Ichigo, as she regarded helping Ichigo as more important. The bit when the store owner actually told her to go and help her friend was really touching, as he would tell her that he made the mistake of being too committed to his work and lost what friends he had.

Fukuda Kyoko is really impressive, because at the end, she would change from being a Lolita to talking a really rough way, and changed into a really tough persona.

I really like the film and my only wish is that I wish it was a bit longer, like a tv series.

Momoko in the beginning

Ichigo, a complete contrast to Momoko

Momoko when she went to help Ichigo, when she suddenly changed from Lolita to super tough.

The end of the film


OC Special mentioning- Metsushi

Metsushi is a strange case, and someone that truly deserves to have an honourable mentioning. As one can see, my original characters tend to be female, and on the rare occasions where I have a male OC, they are usually not that developed. For example, Kamiyasu in my Fushigi Yuugi series, or Shikon. However, Metsushi is a strange case because he actually is very developed (although saying that might not be completely reliable now, as I am reworking with my Haruka 4.5 ideas and Shikon might actually now be one of the most developed characters).

In my original version, Metsushi did not really have much of a character as he was really more of a plot devise. He was meant to represent and show many of the ideas that I was working with. That in addition to Nakatsukuni having quite some problems, the emperor of Tokoyonokuni is one that values talent and give people chances that they might otherwise not have in Nakatsukuni. I guess in that aspect, Metsushi continues to show this theme quite well, because he would end up being a rich to rag story. In addition, he is also meant to be the one that forced a much younger and naïve Hiiragi and Nakatya to grow up. Overall, I would say that this Metsushi in the ‘The Fading Anemones is neutral good because even though he actually does not agree with the law of Nakatsukuni and is going to rebel, he still regards himself as doing something that he should not be doing, and if he could then he really rather not break any law. Even though he does do a few questionable things such as teaching Nakatya dangerous spells, he is still a good person because he has the idea of rebelling for the sake of creating a better society.

There is also a great difference in the first version which would be absent in the later versions, even when the true neutral one, who is still a member of the hoshi no ichizoku. He is able to see parts of the future because he knows that Hiiraig, his nephew who he is very fond of, would cause his death. In addition, even though I did not elaborate it, I feel that there were probably other proofs, which made him cynical.

The true neutral version is interesting because this character is mainly formed due to extracts although he was meant to be out in the original Haruka 4.5 idea. In ‘The Beloved Repentance’ he actually plays a huge part. Because this is formed from extracts, there is a lot of variation. Overall, however, he is of the neutral alignment as we see him being more self-centered instead of selfless. Unlike his pervious persona in The Fading Anemones, he has no ideals of making society into a better place. Funnily, even though his attitude towards law would remain pretty much the same, the rest of his attitude would change quite a bit. The Beloved Repentance is probably one of the early ideas. Like the last version, he was working for the emperor of Tokoyonkouni either because he received more, or because he had some incident that prevented him from obtaining a high position in Nakatsukuni. The main difference is that he does not care much for Nakatsukuni as his former self did. However, he is still a much better person because he would care for Hiiragi greatly.

One of his important characteristics is that he would be in love with Nakatya and this is probably the start of his misfortune. He would choose to marry her even though she does not love him and in some version, he would simply have a loveless marriage and I say this because this is the better version. In the more sad versions, she would commit adultery with Hiiragi, who he loves as a son and he would say that he can never forgive the two of them. It is with this that caused him to set Nakatya on a path of destruction by teaching her curses that he knows she would use even though she should not, due to the consequences.

My favourite version, however, is the last, the neutral evil version. In this version, this becomes a clear rag to riches story. He would be born in the bottom of the social ladder, sometimes as a peasant, or sometimes as a noble with a rank that is only a bit above peasantry. He would be the one to make use of his skills and reach a very high position, usually becoming one of the eight thunders. In some versions, Hiiragi would be the result of his affair with a princess in Nakatsukuni that almost ruined him and the scary thing would be that he could rise above that. It is clear that he is an opportunist because he would serve Surya after he lose his chance with the other’s brother, or because he feels that Surya is someone who can let him rise to a high position.

Nakatya would be his student and he would be very fond of her, perhaps the only one he is truly fond of after his adulthood. I think the result of his affair with the princess makes him rather paranoid, which is why Nakatya is special to him, as she would be one of the few he care about. Maybe it is because she is his student and he watched her grow, or maybe because he feels that they are similar. After all, both of them are of a rather suspicious nature and do not really feel easily, yet they trust the other and have some form of affection for them. Even though Metsushi himself does not feel that their relationship is just that of teacher-student, I feel that this is the best way to describe it. I think Metsushi is probably the closest to a father that Nakatya has, although the problem is that due to their nature, they did not really reveal what they feel, which is a pity, as I think he really could have prevented her from becoming the way she often is in many of the later versions, where she is self destructive.

In his neutral evil persona, an interesting thing is that he would always survive, and I think this is because he knows where the wind blows, as well as lacking an ambition of gaining more. He is happy enough with his current position. A funny thing that I do wonder about is whether they might have a different relationship if their age is closer, but I don’t think so. I think I just never intended to give them that kind of relationship (at least not for neutral evil Metsushi. It was always the idea of him being a mentor)

But as prove of him having a character- I actually recently wrote a short story from his point of view and I actually really like that story. Not only does the story explore his character really well, I think it also shows his relationship with Nakatya as well and I think this line from it summarised their relationship really well:She was not his child but in a way, she was much dearer then his child.’

The story is part of my lyrical prompt projects and this is the prompt: “Someday the bird will completely forget how to fly and sing”, a song by Alice Nine. Therefore, the theme of the story is probably quite clear. This is also a common theme due to my KariganexNakatya story. I often point out that Karigane represent freedom to her and Nakatya would often say that she likes his wing, and there would also be times when Karigane says that he can never fly the way he once did because she is not there.

That story actually starts with Nakatya explaining why she killed her birds- she would point out that they are pitiful because they are birds that cannot fly even if they are out of their cage due to having their wings clipped. Nakatya will say this: “Wings that cannot fly. They can no longer touch the sky even if they are free from their prison. I think death would be kinder.” Metsushi would then be interested in her as he would say that she is a bird who can fly but does not choose to, even though she wishes to be free more then anyone: “Or maybe the one bird merely sought to be with the other bird. It was so when I first met you and it is still so now. Because one bird did not realise that he could fly, the other would clip its own wings.” Referring to how she would give up anything just to be with her twin brother.

The result is that Metsushi would feel sorry for her because: “You know, ohime, it is sad when the wings of birds are clipped, but it is even more tragic when the one that did this did not even intend to cause this, and still do not know of what he actually did.”, as well as having a strange liking for her: “Ohime, I will be frank with you then. You interest me and I like you, unlike the other princesses and princes. I would have more of your company by having you as my student.”

This story also shows the fact that even though he would have a strange and strong affection for Nakatya, he would still look out for himself, as he would remind her to be careful, as he is a servant of the emperor. The idea is that even though he would not be on her side, he really prefers to not hurt her, and this is symbolic given that he usually would not mind: “Ohime, I do answer to your father but I do not think that he would need to worry about the games of a young girl. However, if it gets serious then I am not going to take your side.”

I think a part of him also knows that he is not fully capable to looking after people, or truly loving them, as he would tell her this: “I like to watch my birds fly. I would never try to trim their wings as I might end up clipping their flight feathers.” He would actually be quite glad of her being in love with Karigane due to believing that this might let her have the freedom she always want, and when she parted ways with Karigane, he would even ask her whether she is sure of her decision: “You might have been happier if you went with that bird. If you go before you yourself forget how to fly due to a bird that does not wish to fly.”

This is more to do with Nakatya then Metsushi but she would continue with this whole metaphor of birds and wings, although in this case it is more literal due to what the Himuka-no-ichizoku are: “I found a really strange bird. He actually wants to be with me. He would cut off his own wings to be beside me…a bird should always be able to fly. I out of all people would not let a bird have their wings clipped due to me.” To her, Karigane is special because not only can he offer her the freedom she yearns, he would even sacrifice that just to be with her. And I can see Karigane doing this, in the same way that Sazaki would sacrifice his wings in his route. However, Nakatya is being more figurative because by clipping his wings, she means that Karigane would be bound by the rules that surround her, as well as being restrained due to having a wife that cannot fly like him.

This story would take a dark turn because she would be imprisoned and he would compare her to a kite, instead of a bird, and yet point out that this is her choice because if she wants to, then she can escape. He would actually compare her to a bird that does not know how to use their wings. He would not be happy at what is done and he did try to ask the emperor to let him keep an eye on her, However, that would be it. He would then continue and even though he would be a bit resentful at the emperor, he actually continues doing his job and serving the other. After a while, Asvin would come and find him due to needing people to support him in rebelling against the emperor and he would say this: “You think that I am so loyal to your father? I am loyal, but I was never motivated by loyalty alone. It was that of necessity.”

He would eventually choose to help Asvin due to Nakatya and his reason really just summarise what he feels for her: “What I want is simple. I had a bird that I was very fond of, I liked nothing better then to see her trying to fly, yet your father threw her in a cage. I must admit, I have never quite forgiven your father for that…I want her to fly again. I want her to be able to fly and sing before it is too late. Before she forgets.” Given what was happening at the time, if he loved her in a romantic way, he probably would have been able to ask for her hand in marriage. However, he didn’t and he would even find a way to let her be with Karigane and I think it is because he really just wants to see her being free. As he would realise at the end of the story, he is actually quite like her. In addition to being able to fly, the bird metaphor also represents the idea of just living without such worry and fear.

I feel that his final words to her: “To me, you were more pitiful then the canaries as you would not fly even though you had wings” is describing him as well. In a way, he is quite damaged as well, just that he is different from Nakatya as he can function better without her. The fact that he dislikes Nasatya is an indication of Nakatya being really important to him because he would blame Nasatya for what happens to her even though he knows this was her own choice.

OC and pairing list 2015


Kiryuu Kikyou (Haruka 5): Given that Kikyou’s past was based on Sou, it is pretty obvious that she would not have a happy beginning. I had the idea of twins because I thought that it would be interesting to work with a very different pair of twins. In Haruka 4, Nakatya would become completely devoted to her twin brother and even though Nasatya is not as extreme as her, it is clear that he has great love and affection for her as well.

I guess the fact that she was called Futaai in the original concept can then help to separate between the one that was born in the Bakumatsu period, and the one that came from the future and present. I actually looked at various colours and flowers, even thinking about anagram. However, I then realised that Kikyou is the name I feel the most suitable and I don’t care if people would think of the one in Inuyasha. After all, it is not as there is a patent on the name and this story is of a private nature. So I decided that I will have a Kikyou too and this is suitable as it sort out the problem of name, colour and flower at one go.

I decided to have her in Sou’s place as I want to work with the theme. I did thought about whether I could have Sou there too, but I realised that it is not possible. Because I feel that in addition to being bitter at the fact that Yuki would cause his death, it is also the fact that he felt no one cared about him. If someone, anyone, had been willing to listen to his side of the story, then things might end up being quite different.

I’ve yet to write any proper oneshots although I have done a few extracts. But Kikyou’s life can be divided into three parts, based on the three different worlds she was in. In the first world, she was focused on her survival and even though she could be a bit cynical as well as being irritated at her brother’s obsession for his ideal in regard to the miko, she actually lived quite happily. I think this is because in addition to having her brother, whom she loves, there was also her lover and I think there would have been a sense of belonging with the village.

Just before she arrived in the new world she actually lost her lover, as well as having her first fight with Shun- when he wanted her to abandon all that she has to find the miko with him. But I think the sibling’s relationship get worse due to Shun’s behaviour with Yuki. Obviously, a part of her is jealous but the other part is because she was hurt that Shun would just push her aside so quick after all that they had been though. She is not completely unreasonable because she is grateful to the fact that Yuki’s parents saved them but she does not feel that she is obliged to repay them in such an extreme way.

Upon finding out her fate she would first deal with it by denial, partying very hard, and I think this is also her hope of someone noticing her, but because no one did, this would cause her to feel that she can only rely on herself. To her, this is a confirmation because in the combined world, this was what life was like. After this, she would become obsessed with being remembered, as well as desperately trying to find a way to save herself. She is aware that what she did due to Amami is not right, because it would hurt many, but at the same time, she does not feel that it is wrong, because why was she wrong in trying to live? She admits that her method might not be right, but she would always do so as it seemed the only way she could live.

I feel that the deteriorating of her relationship with her twin is one of the saddest things because instead of being upset, she would not even care. The reason is because she felt that her brother no longer care for her, because he would condemn her for the simple reason of wanting to live. If he had been willing to just acknowledge her decision in the slightest way, she would have forgave him, because she knew that she was not doing the right thing.

Kikyou’s marriage with Rindou did not start well and the reason that it ended up being a very successful one is because she was wiling to accept and tolerate his fault. This is not like Houko, who just loves Akuram blindly. Kikyou is able to work with Rindou due to understanding that one must do this in life, as well as admitting that Rindou would find her as having faults as well. Nor does she idealise the past. In addition to admitting that her first lover had faults as well, she never once feels that everything would be easier if she married him. She does not keep on thinking of the what if, as she would focus on doing what she must do improve her situation.

Fujiwara Kikyou (Haruka 5 and Samurai Warriors): This is a cross over because even though the setting is the samurai warriors setting with its characters, she and her brother are mentioned to be part of the star clan who has to serve the priestess, and she has the ability of divination. In the earlier version, Kikyou’s relationship with Motochika and Masamune are a bit of a parallel between the idea I had of her, Hijikata and Rindou. Even though she really admires Hijikata (Motochika) it is only an ideal, because it is Rindou (Masamune) that is the person she can work with. Her initial relationship with Masamune was much better because she only met him after both Soukai and Motochika died. She met him when she was grown up. She was not looking for a meal ticket.

For her, I worked with a very strange project in that I am writing a fan fiction in the format of the game. The idea of what it would be like if she is in it, and I used a script format. Unfortunately, that project was abandoned. In this version, there is the idea of how she and Masamune knew each other when they are small (he is sort of in Soukai’s position). The idea is that if they could have got together, then it would be very different. A bit like her and Soukai. However, she would then meet Motochika and she would be fascinated by him.

She and Masamune were parted when they were fairly young and even though they had a physical relationship as well, the idea is that they were more friends. Of course, she was also fascinated with Motochika due to the fact that he has this attitude about changing fate, the complete opposite of her. Not to mention that she felt she was abandoned by Masamune as he did not fight for her, although she knew that he did not have the ability to do so. That would be why she is attracted to a man who would be irrational and is yet capable. But in the end, the person she ends up with is Masamune because while Motochika have the idea of fighting fate, he does so in an irrational way. He fights fate even if the outcome might have been good. Masamune is different because he has a goal that he is working with and he is willing to choose a decision that he might not like if that would work in the long term. Also, he has the firm desire of having a land of peace. I’m not saying that Motochika does not, but we all know that he is also someone who would choose to fight a dangerous battle for the sake of proving something, so he would fight even thought it would cause lose.

With this version, the question is what Kikyou wants and I think it is not so much to change fate, but that she wish for happiness but believe that she cannot have it as fate would not allow it. She would lose Motochika even though he should not have died like that and this caused her to give up. Like many who see the future, she saw something horrific that cannot be changed and she is now afraid of whatever happening being suddenly destroyed. Masamune would be the one that prove to her that this is not so, and I think this is because of the type of character he is: he can survive and is capable in making the right decisions. Even though he would work for Ieyasu, he still had quite some power. I think this is what Motochika could have had, if not for his rebellious character and desires.

Kiryuu Kikyou/Futaai-hime (Samurai Warriors): This is the best way I can think of to separate her various concepts. I probably could call her Toki Kikyou because her being related to the Toki family is meant to be quite an important issue and she is named Kikyou after the Toki family emblem. There is also the fact that she was all but disowned by the Kiryuu clan later on, which she was certainly not upset about. She is also known as Futaai-hime as a reference to her first husband (and because I would still like to use the name for her).

This is Samurai warriors only, because there is no mentioning of any divination and seeing the future. The fact that Kikyou does not have this ability makes her very different. She is still quite cynical and bitter, but she is no longer so depressed, I think this is because she feels that she is not in a situation where there is no way out. Even though her position was really bad, at least she feel that she could try and think of a solution, as opposed to just knowing that it can never be changed. Although this is not the case of the keep on trying and you can find a solution, because her solution can be quite scary.

I think she has always been a very manipulative person, but even more so in this one, and this is due to her background. She was raised in a brothel and adopted to be used in a way that her cousin could not be used. She would comment that being out of a brothel did not mean she was to stop doing what she would be doing there. The result is that she has a firm belief that she has to rely on herself to find a comfortable situation and she used the only weapon she knew: being manipulative and seductive. She is worse then the previous version because unlike before, there is no bigger factors that would make her think that she should not do it, nor is she tormented by the sense of there is no way out but for this. The reason that she does this is clear: it is for herself, as she wants a more comfortable life.

In the previous version, her resentment to law is due to her being able to see the future and being a part of the star clan, demanded to serve a priestess that could cause her death, as well as having to sacrifice everything for her. In this version, it is due to her background. To her, the authoritative figures she sees around her simply seek to use her, and this is a world of chaos where leaders fight one another. Therefore, to her, law is just a disguise, which causes her to resent the idea of it. She probably believe that might is right, even if she might not like it, but this is what is happening in the Sengoku time. Since she wants to live and do well, she would do so too.

She knew Masamune since she was small but the relationship started with the intention of her using him. She is fond of him, but her main reason for picking him is that he happened to be the best choice. Until much later on, she was upset at not being able to marry him due to the fact that she was pissed that someone took this decision from her, and because the replacement sucked. If she had been given to someone in a very similar situation and position as Masamune, say Motochika, she would not have been that upset.

In this version, Kikyou’s relationship with Motochika is much more bizarre. When he is there, he is everything to her, but when his is not, she could get over him. She loves him, but it was a love that was probably more akin to an obsession (I can only say that I hope that I can make more sense of it when I write about them). Perhaps I can say that he is someone she clung onto, but once he is there, she ask herself whether it is necessary for her to clung onto him so? Perhaps she is influenced by Nou-hime. Kikyou meet Motochika and she would want to see what he is doing, perhaps she like him because he let her make him her purpose, but this is only because she wants to.

My plan for her story is that she would marry Masamune when they are both in their mid twenties, about ten years after their parting. Even though he still loves her, with her being fond of him, there is a lot of past grudges. Kikyou would eventually end up truly loving him as he is someone who she can be on an equal level with, they can work together (a bit like my idea with her and Rindou). I do think she and Masamune are quite similar. Unlike before, she now wishes to have someone she can love, and she is not just thinking about herself.

I do think there is a certain irony in that the fact that even though she is chaotic evil, she is somewhere in between the lawful evil Messallina and neutral evil Nakatya. She is more emotional then Messallina but not as extreme as Nakatya. I think she is chaotic while Nakatya is neutral, because even though Nakatya would talk about hating the law a lot, she herself does not do any sort of extreme rebellion, as opposed to Kikyou, who would happily do so if she could get away with it. Nakatya probably does think there should be a certain level of law and order.

I did think about the fact that she is a bit similar to Koshoushou. Even though I think that there are definite similarities, the main difference is that Koshoushou is actually a nice person. I believe that Koshoushou tries to find men that she can use, and she does end up having certain affection with them. Perhaps her relationship with Magoichi best illustrates this. She really hopes she can find a man that she can be happy with. But I think Kikyou really is just using men to get a better life (as shown by her earlier relationship with Masamune.)

Kikyou is selfish and there is the fact that she would not accept Masamune having a concubine, regardless of how the concubine is. This can be seen as hypocritical as she was that with Motochika, and she would argue that she never did anything wrong as she was always very respectful to Nana, and Nana herself did not dislike her. But this is also an indication that she love Masamune, because she cannot accept that another would be with him, and she want to be the most important (although if he does do that, the person I feel sorry for would be the concubine, because she is probably the type that would do something like assassination. As said, she is a selfish person).

I admit, I really want to start writing but I know that I should not, but I think it is because she is quite a different character and it would be a challenge to write about her, because her relationships are quite interesting. There is an interesting oneshot that I wrote and even though it is technically the cross over version, the character is so much more like the Kikyou in the Samurai Warriors only version. She is extremely manipulative in that story and the alternate title can probably be “Kikyou at her worst”. In that story, Kikyou foresees her death and she would cause Masamune to kill her, telling him that this is the only way that she can accept peace. In addition to that, she started the story by arguing with Masamune, telling him that she never cared for him and was only using him, but then met Kojuurou and revealed why she did what she did by knowing that there is a chance for Masamuen coming here and hearing the truth. This then raised the issue of is this the truth?

I would like to write a samurai warriors multi-chapters fan fiction one day and a good thing about this is that I know that the clear focus would be Kikyou, because one of the problems I had with my Haruka 3 fan fiction is that I felt I was trying to combine what was almost two different stories. The story is to show how Kikyou grew up meeting Masamune, and then was parted from him. She ended up meeting Motochika, and spent quite some time with him before she met Masamune again. We see how she tries to make a comfortable life for herself, and her view of the history around her.

I don’t know why but I can imagine this Kikyour having various tattoos and the idea would be that this is due to Motochika. This could also be due to my AU-AU ideas, where Rindou is a tattoo artist while she is a geisha, and she would choose to have the tattoos when she realises that they love one another. Regarding the AU-AU, I am quite gutted that I couldn’t include Masamune in there. But if Masamune get his own multi-chapters while Rindou never would, it seems only fair to let Rindou be there instead.

So this version of Kikyou- aka Futaai-hime is the idea of a woman that is very manipulative and unlike Messallina who can claim that this is due to circumstance or like Nakatya, who have someone that they care about, Kikyou is pretty much just selfish. She love Motochika and Masamune, but I do not see herself as choosing to die for their sake, as Nakatya would, and even if she was not born in such a situation, I am sure she would be very manipulative (as opposed to Messallina). The question is why I choose to make her like this because in the previous version (the cross over version) she is not so bad. There is the idea that if her life did not take that sudden twist and she get to stay with Masamune, things would be very different. To be fair, she would be nicer if she is not in such a bad situation, but she still won’t exactly be the nicest person. But then it is quite hard to say what she would be like, as the main characterization for Kikyou has always been dominated by her circumstance, which had always been bad

My answer is that I don’t know, but this is the character that I want to work with.

At the near end of the year, I also did a very special story with Kikyou being paired up with Magoichi. It is mainly due to the idea that I can see Magoichi being someone who marries very young, and then leave and do crazy thing, only to eventually return to his wife. In this story, Kikyou is aware that Magoichi does not love her, but she would play her part of a devoted wife. The interesting thing is that upon him leaving the village permanently, she would realise that she does not have to stay and she would try and make a life for herself, which would end up with her being a very high ranked prostitute and she would eventually go with Motochika to Shikoku. The idea is that she is very manipulative, and unlike some of the other, her focus is on giving herself comfort. In the end, she would return to Magoichi but this is only after he shows that he would commit to her.

OC and pairing list 2013 & 2014


Houko: I began to work with the ideas of what would she do if she was in a really desperate situation and the answer is that she would accept it, only to eventually have a break down. In one version, she would end up being the empress and unable to take it, she would actually stab the emperor before trying to commit suicide. Yet an important thing to note about Houko is that she is not being unreasonable in that she admits that the emperor and the hachiyo are not wrong, only that this is not what she wants.

I also began to work with the idea of what if she was a hostess in a club and this would let me focus on how she manipulate the hachiyo by saying what they want to hear, as well as playing the role of a perfect priestess. That would be why she ended up caring for Hisui because he would be the only that she does not have to act with. She would be very insecure and not able to believe in love, because she would choose to leave Hisui due to believing that their love would not be able to last. This is a contrast to her and Akuram, where she would choose to be with him even though she could not be certain that he would continue to have her beside him.

Rurihime (Haruka 3/Hoshi no oujo): due to the game, I began to work with the idea of a slightly different Rurihime, one that had a much more difficult childhood. Even though she would still be devoted to Yasuhira due to believing in him, she is more cynical and much more ruthless. There are times when she would use what is seen as a weakness as a tool. This is mainly due to her father, who is crazed.

At the same time, she is still quite emotional because she would be upset at feeling that her children has not receive the attention that they should from Hidehira.

Takeko (Haruka 3/Hoshi no oujo): the idea behind Takeko is someone that feels restrained by society. She would like to be able to fight alongside with her brother, but is prevented to due to her gender. Takeko would often present herself in the way that she believe she ought to, instead of doing what she truly wants. The reason that she accepts Ise is actually because he can give her the unconventional lifestyle that she wants.

Nakatya: Like Houko, I began to work with ideas that got quite dark and unlike Houko, Nakatya seems to be able to accept this. However, this is because of her belief that this would protect her twin. Overall, her character is the same.

Later on, upon my realisation that she might have mental illness due to her paranoid nature and inability to empathise with other people, I actually worked with the idea where she is aware of this and is afraid of being mad. Not only does she knows that there is something clearly wrong with her, she is trying to find a way to change it instead of just accepting it. Perhaps it is due to this, but she and Hiiragi would have a much normal relationship.

Messallina Varela Melegini (Final fantasy XII): Given that she is paired up with Vayne, who even accepts and love her, there is no way that she could be a nice person. Messallina is one of the characters who I develop after deciding on her alignment. She is lawful evil and this really means that she is selfish, will do what hurt others to benefit herself, yet she prefers to work with the law due to seeing it as necessary.

One of the earliest ideas I had for her is that she is older then Vayen (by three years) and she is not exceptionally smart and beautiful. However, Messallina is capable because she is able to present herself in the best way. She can appear cleverer then she is due to studying the right topic. She would be able to survive the events of the game because that was what she focuses on.

Messallina is someone who is constantly playing a role and she would use her weakness to her advantage. She plays the role of a docile wife with her first husband, a resentful sister-in-law to Vayne and a loving one to Larsa. Her roles are done really well that few suspected her. At times, Messallina can be rational in a very chilling way, such as her acceptance of Vayne killing her first husband, as well as providing evidence so that she could frame her parents. It’s not just a matter of her own survival, but she does so without much hesistation. Even though she does not love Larsa or care for Drace in the way that most (including the said people) believed, she does care for them more then what she thought, as she would be very upset at Drace’s death.

Her relationship with Vayne is also very interesting. She loves him and until their child was born, he is probably the only one that she has ever truly loved, as she grew up in a family where they were distant and used one another, and then had a husband who disliked her. However, she does not love him in a blind way, because she would yell at him for being foolish and she would help him by believing that this could have some result. Yet at the same time, she is resigned to her fate.

Even though she does love Vayne, she does not demand him to give him more then what he can give, and even if she was not pregnant with his child, she would still be able to carry on living fine. In some of my alternative versions she would marry Al-Cid and it would be a happy marriage, because she would be able to make the best of her situation.

I have also done a oneshot where I talk about what would have happened had Siorus not die and I realised that it would not be a happy one because by choosing to protect him, Messallina and Vayne would have a slight distance. I think until that time, the two of them had a strange understanding that was for another, but it was not enough to be like. With Siorus, Messallina herself would be surprised at being able to care for him, as she did not think that it was possible.

Megumi (Chaotic Neutral): with Chaotic neutral, her first pairing is with KakuKa and the idea is simple: she met him due to chance and is curious about the mortal world. She is a goddess and is not bound by the same rules, because she would leave whenever she wants. At first, she was just watching everything due to curiosity but due to falling in love with ShibaShi, she would actually ended up being really concerned at what would happen.

I then wrote another version of this story, where she is a phoenix who keeps on being reborn and would lose her memories. In this version, she does not care for anything apart from the two other gods that she would always remember, because everything else she would forget. Therefore, she lives each of her life for the sake of enjoying herself. At first, the events of the three kingdoms are merely a game to her and she would not be able to understand why the others are so concerned. However, due to loving ShibaShi she would choose to give up her own life for him and it is not just because she does not want to forget him, but simply because she does not want him to die.

Yuri/Ranhin-teiki: As I have said before, upon looking back at my Fushigi Yuugi story, I felt that I never quite developed Yuri’s character and I would have written the story in a different way. Therefore, I decided to rewrite the story.

Overall, Yuri still has some of her old characteristic: she is insecure and wishes to be saved, as she would admit that she would probably have agreed to marry anyone if they would take her away from here. Due to being afraid of going back to Kutou, she would be willing to do whatever she could.

Yuri knows that Hotohori does not love her and she does not love him either, but she would try to build a relationship with him and in time, they do start to understand each other more. She would also start to think about her duties as an empress by studying the history of the world. This is probably a contrast to the time when she was a princess, when she would often just hide and play her harp.

At first, Yuri would probably be the first character that I have where she accepts her husband (whom she loves) having a concubine. However, this is because she grew up where this is the norm. It is actually her being upset at this that becomes a sign of how much she loves him.

In some versions, I also worked with her relationship in regard to Nakago and even though I don’t feel that she was wrong to want to escape, she is still wrong in that she did not notice the extent of what Nakago was feeling, and it seemed that she just left without any regard for what would happen to him.

Ayame: her character is usually quite similar as she is someone who loves her husband and supports him by staying on his side, and occasionally pointing out that he is doing something wrong. However, I wrote a very interesting story with Ayame this year, where she actually ended up being proactive. In this setting, she was the princess of Shikoku and was forced to marry Nasatya and even though she would end up loving him, he would never be able to get over his guilt. This would lead to them divorcing. From here, she would become very proactive, refusing to marry the husband Nakatsukuni found for her although she would be willing to pretend to be in a marriage with him. She would take advantage of the other two country’s rivalry and ended up being able to marry Nasatya again.

Hela (Thor/Avengers): I know that in Norse mythology, she is actually Loki’s daughter but the setting worked too well, so I decided to continue. Like Loki, she has great deficit that prevents her from being normal and that would become a bond. However, Hela differed from him by not lashing out in such a way. In her view, as long as she has the few who are important to her, then she can ignore the rest.

Unlike Loki, who still sees his merit as a sight deficit due to his love for Thor, Hela actually truly sees them as merits. She actually truly believes that he is much better then Thor.

Saiya: I began to explore of her attitude towards the others and she actually does not blame Shuurei for being loved by everyone else, although she is still undignified on Kouyuu’s behalf. She is aware that some are lucky and others are not. However, what would make her upset is the fact that Shuurei is trying to enforce her view on her.

In the later versions, Kouyuu’s importance to her would be emphasised even more, as she would describe him as his light. This is also a reference to his original name. Therefore, not only does she do whatever she could do help him, her revenge at those for hurting him could be quite ruthless as well.

Dhalia (Baldur’s Gate): I am not sure whether I would actually write about her in the future but I had the idea of showing how she changed from a sheltered girl in the beginning of Baldur’s Gate to the seasoned adventurer in the end of Throne of Bhaal. So far, most of my ideas deal with the middle.

Dhalia would meet Ajantis and fell in love with him, feeling that he was like a hero and the two of them would be engaged. However, their relationship breaks down due to her past and this would make her realise that she was simply looking for an easy solution. She would be able to accept that her love was the result of gratitude. The reason she refuse the chance of reconciliation with Ajantis is because she feel that she rather things just end, instead of dragging it out.

In regard to her heritage, Dhalia deal with this by accepting it instead of denying it and that would be why she could accept her companions’ pasts. It is not that she accept and forgive them, but that she is able to separate the past from the present and use the present to decide whether the past is the past.


Ashita: from this year, I actually started to explore Ashita in a different way, as I actually worked with the idea of her trying to move on. She would first try to go out with another guy and later on, she would tell Shiraishi that they have to move on from the past and accept that what happened has happened. I then realise that it is by doing this that can actually help them to reconcile.

Houko (Sangoku koi senki- otome no heihou): This is actually not the same as my later Haruka settings, since the setting of her working in the host club is explored even more. First of all, she is cynical in regard to family because her father practically abandoned her while her mother did not place her first. She actually had to blackmail her father to look after her. She actually shows many of the symptoms of a single child: afraid of being abandoned, as well as being resentful at the others for having what she does not have.

Her past of working in the club meant that she is used to dealing with man, listening and flirting with them. This then made her rather cynical in regard to love because she has seen light relationship too many times.

She is rather cynical of being liked by someone due to her previous experiences: a client she liked tried to rape her by claiming that she wanted it; the protective owner that offered to make her into his mistress; the boyfriend who actually abandoned her due to feeling that her past is too shameful. In addition to being cynical about love, she herself has wondered whether she just want to be looked after and was accepting a path because the easiest thing to do.

One of the main ideas about her is that she is realistic in knowing what she could and could not do, and she would also be weary of how other sees her. She probably expects the worst and would regard something good as being that of a privilege. Even though she expressed the desire to be looked after, she is actually very self reliant by trying to be a lady-in-waiting so that she would be able to manage in this world herself. At times, she can also be quite practical as there are times when she would choose to be with Moutoku after having him promise that he would provide for her when their relationship ends. Not only is this an indication of how she does not believe that the relationship can last, it also shows that she is quite calculating.

One of the issues is also the idea of being in love with someone because they treat you right, which is a theme in Moutoku’s route. Houko would realise this herself and that she would simply take advantage of the situation. She would act out what Moutoku wants, but this would not be a reflection of her real feelings, it would simply be because it makes her life comfortable. It would be her risk that becomes an indication of her loving someone, as she would be more concerned about the other instead of her. She is too afraid at giving due to the pain that might come with receiving, as her previous experiences suggest that this would happen.

When Houko is in love with someone, she does cling onto them no matter what, and in one story she would actually risk being captured and enslaved even though she could have easily be looked after due to her sisters. As she would tell Koukin, this is because the chance of not being with Moutoku is even more frightened. This is also reflected in the story where she is with Bunjaku, where she would choose to die due to him being killed. She would also contemplate killing Moutoku if he had been directly responsible for Bunjaku’s death, even though she is aware of the danger this would cause, she simply does not care. Her love is often quite blinded as she would simply accept their fault even if she does not agree with it. Houko would choose to return to Moutoku despite him choosing to abandon her and even though one could say that this was not his fault, this actually reflects to her desperation.

I have also worked with the idea of placing her together with KakuKa and the result is quite interesting. Houko is the type of character that would cling onto the man she loves no matter what they might do or become, but there is one exception: if the other could not be faithful to her. At this, Houko would choose to end the relationship. I think what she simply cannot tolerate is her husband not being faithful to her. She simply cannot tolerate the thought of him being with others, even if he would return to her at the end. This is best shown with KakuKa/Hokyo, because she would actually realise that the love for him is gone.

Houko (Haruka 5): Since I had these ideas due to Haruka 5, as well as giving her a different set of past, I guess I probably should label this as Haruka 5. In this version, the main change is what happened to her afterwards. As mentioned before, Houko would often try to accept something only to realise that she could not and when she has her breakdown, the result would be horrifying. She would end up becoming one of the emperor’s wives after she killed Akuram and she would even have a child with the emperor. She would not be able to love the child, not even able to look at him. However, she is aware that this is the wrong reaction and would constantly feel guilt at this. Her breakdown would actually cause her to curse the ryuujin and even helped Nankoubou.

I think in this version, Houko never quite recovered and her decision of being with Hijikata is simply because he looked like Akuram and I think the love he gave her is actually much more then her. In the end, it was not him that caused her decision, but her realisation that she has to move on. In fact, she herself has expressed surprise at how much Hijikata actually cares about her. Later on, there was the issue of him being Akuram’s reincarnation but this idea was a latter one. She simply just picked him because he looked like Akuram. Even though she later did have true affection for him, it was still rather selfish on her side as she has never thought about his reaction upon her decision.

Nijou Futaai- Kuwaai (Haruka 5): When I had the idea of letting her be a member of the hoshi no ichizoku, I decided that I want to let her name be a plant or a colour, as pre tradition. Kikyou is actually one of the most suitable one but I decided to not use it as everyone would probably think of Inuyasha. As a result, I picked Futaai, a type of purple. I thought that this is a colour that could pass of as a name.

In my original version, she is actually an inhabitant of the parallel world and the idea is that while Rindou would have the name, she would have the actual power. Futaai actually grew up in Yoshiwara (the daughter of a geigi and the granddaughter of an oiran) and she actually felt that she has more freedom in Yoshiwara. To her, her marriage is the same as her serving man but unlike before, she does not get paid. She is also rather cynical about relationships because the first man that she loved actually chooses to give her up upon the money he received.

Futaai does not like being ordered about, which would be why she escaped from her marriage and she is aware that she is not an extremely patient person, as she is not sure whether she would want to accept the type of men that Rindou is. That would be why she likes Hijikata because she feels that he is doing what he believes to be right despite the difficulty, as opposed to Rindou, who simply gives up.

At times she is also called Kuwaai and this is a bit like her work name. Nijou is actually Rindou’s last name. Rindou’s brother is a historical character.

Ayame: In this setting I get to work on an idea I had for quite sometime: what if Ayame was a kirin? In the extracts, this focuses on how much Ayame loves and cares for Nasatya, as she would choose to give up her own immortality for his sake. Yet the interesting thing is that in the beginning, she was a goddess who could not quite understand the humans, as she would feel that humans are the same in each reincarnation because their spirits are ultimately the same.

OC and pairing list 2011 & 2012


Houko: It was this year that I had the idea of my multi chapters and due to this, I began to work with Houko’s character more. She presented the role of a good miko, saying what she believes that the people want to hear. As a result, she would be too successful because the people could not accept what she really is like. In this version, she would enjoy Hisui’s company because he is the only that she does not have to pretend with.

Like the previous version, her love with Akuram is something that is very central to her, as she would choose to give up everything for him, even killing him to prevent his death from being painful. This would become something that haunts her and she would feel that to move on is a betrayal. Nor is this a healthy relationship because she felt very lonely and neglected that she would be happy at any attention, even if it is that of pain. Houko was actually glad at the idea that Akuram would never accept anyone else being with her, that she is his property. She does bear a really deep love for Akuram because she would hesitate to go with Hokotoseikun as that would probably almost be an ideal to her: someone that loves her so much and does not demand anything in return apart from her being there.

At the same time, however, she is not a cruel person because she would feel guilty about lying to the hachiyo even as she reasoned that it was merely an exchange.

The biggest characteristic to her character is that she is very insecure and is constantly afraid at losing what she has. Therefore, she would do whatever she could to preserve it.

Nakamura Emiko (J Romantica): many of Emiko’s character development is what I did not get to use with Chinami. Emiko would be someone who has experienced both worlds. The idea of someone in a very prestigious family who has experienced extreme hardship and poverty.

Emiko actually has bipolar order due to what she experienced and due to the view of society, this would be something that she is ashamed of. She would actually constantly refer to herself as damaged good, and it would be Haruhiko that made her stop seeing herself as being inferior.

She plays the piano and even though she does like it, she is also doing this for the sake of her father, believing that she has to do what he wanted but could not do.


Amiltha (Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the betrayer): At first, Amiltha would be Sand’s apprentice, having been sent to him after her mother’s death. She would also be a worshiper of Kelemvor and feel that death is merely the means to an end. Elara would be killed by Aribeth and Aribeth would not have been punished for it, causing her to become rather bitter. In addition, Elara was also an assassin for the city.

The other version is that she grew up in West Harbour with the PC and the two of them would be like siblings, where she continued to follow him.

She can accept killing and death more easily, as well as commenting that Sand was not wrong because not being good does not mean that you are bad. However, she does have a moral compass because she knows that what she is doing with Bishop is really wrong. In some version, she would even choose to leave him due to how dangerous it is.

In another version, she would end up with Gann, after she sees Bishop being consumed by the wall of the faithless. Despite not liking it, she would admit that this is what he deserves.

Her father’s actions did make her resentful and Bishop’s decision probably then argued the case home, as she would be reluctant to be near Gann due to fearing that history would repeat again.

At first, I thought that Amiltha was true neutral, but I now think that she might be lawful neutral. Even though she does not like some of the rules, she accepts them for what they are and feels that to break them would be even more wrong.

Nakatya: during this time, I began to have ideas for Haruka 4.5 and there would be times when Nakatya would choose to leave Nasatya in order to be with Karigane and their child, although she would not even up doing this, because she would choose to die for his sake. In a way, she still choose her twin brother, but the idea is that if it was not an issue of life and death then she was able to try and have her own life. Karigane represents freedom to her because she believes that he could take her away from this and in addition, he himself believes that he could look after her and she trusts him enough, as well as loving him. The fact that they had a child together then made her even more certain. There is also the fact that Karigane demanded her to choose and she realised that she cannot do without them, that her brother alone is not enough.

Ayame: with the idea of Haruka 4.5, there would be times when Ayame is actually engaged in adultery. However, the idea is that Nasatya is living away from Masuyo due to resenting her for what she did. Ayame herself would not intend to do anything other then being beside him. In regard to blame, she would be the one that is more responsible as she feels no guilt due to using Nakatsukuni’s action as a defence. In a way, she is very selfish because this could be risky for her father’s kingdom. It doesn’t matter whether she was right or not, but this was risky.

She would choose to kill herself so that her children can be with Nasatya and unfortunately, this was something that I have never really explained properly. But I think it is meant to show how much she loves him.

Gabrielle: I began to explore the character of Gabrielle deeper and one of the alarming things is that her relationship with Edgeworth was actually quite sad. She really was just being with him for the sake of wanting to be with someone, and I think this then become a part of her character. She is afraid of being lonely. It is from here where she would cancel her engagement with Edgeworth so that she could think about what she really wants to do.

I also made Naito her brother and she shows him the same acceptance that she gives to the other. Even though she could not accept their decision, she still loves them as they are her family.

Megumi (Lawful Neutral): one of the first ideas I had of Megumi and ShibaShi is Stockholm syndrome, so that is not exactly a very good start. In this very first version, Megumi actually does not have a name. She is actually a demi-goddess who has the ability to change fate and the story works on the fact that ShibaShi captured her for this purpose, which she refuses to do. As she is a goddess, she would not be affected by mortal value and she would decide to become his lover for the sake of doing so. Their relationship becomes really tragic because she refuse to change his fate even though she would care about him.

At the same time, she does have a really strange love towards him because even though she would not change fate for him, she would let him kill her, and then die to due to missing him. The two of them really have a love-hate relationship and this would be her final words.

I then have the idea of Megumi being a sword demon and in this version, she is still lawful neutral as she is bound by rules and would not escape. In some versions, she and ShibaShi has a rather good master-servant relationship where he would accept her leaving. There is the idea that more could happen, but they are both unwilling to risk it.

Then, there are the versions where she started as KanNei’s sword and with KanNei, she actually starts to live as a human again and for the first time in her life, she would actually love someone. After his death, she would end up serving ShibaShi and she would actually admire him. However, in the end, she would choose to die as she misses KanNei too much.

Undine (Kyou kara ma ou): I had the idea of Undine for ages, but it was only from here that I tried to write a few extracts about her. Undine is meant to be the third race (the semi-gods who are neither demons nor humans) and she grew up being a sacrifice. She has tried to escape before but failed. Gunter (his past) would become important to her because he is the only one that actually tries to do something for her, and this would then cause her to find him and do whatever she can for him. Yet the interesting thing is that Undine accepts Gunter by saying that he is his past as well. In addition, she actually likes his newer self better then his past self because his past was just an ideal that she never truly knows, while the current he is the one that she has been with.

Prior to Shinou’s return, she enjoys her role as Gunter’s familiar and seems to be a rather cheerful person. However, she can actually be very serious and she is also tormented by the fact that she is still forced to live this unnatural life.

Saiya: Instead of just a child from the streets, I decided to make her into a professional poisoner and her reason of doing this would be due to her resentment that Kouyuu was taken away. Later on, she continued this life because she rather this life then being a slave and prostitute. Saiya accepts that she would hurt others to prevent herself from being hurt. Yet at the same time, this would be something that continues to haunt her. Saiya would feel that her past makes her unworthy and would refuse possibilities of marrying Kouyuu.

Saiya has express liking for the poisonous plants, especially the oleander, as she would say that they are beautiful flowers who can protect themselves. However, Saiya would also say that people like her are worse, as their reason of poisoning is not for self defence, but for advantages. She can also be very spiteful, because there are versions where I talk about how she would poison Shuuei when Kouyuu dies. This is already reflected from her childhood, after they village sacrificed Kouyuu.

OC and pairing list 2009 & 2010


Aizuki: I suddenly had the idea of what if she knew in Watanabe since junior high school, where he was the bad student. The first change of this version is that she is now 2 years older, as in the original version, she was a first year club member when Watanabe was the third year captain. One of the main issue of her being 12 years older then Ashita is that she has a much wilder past, because she began her teenage years without Ashita being there for her. As an infant, Ashita naturally won’t be able to show her that she is special.

In this version, Aizuki was actually a juvenile delinquent who got into a lot of fights and is still quite tough. One of the running gags in this version is that she keeps a baseball bat by the door as a protection and when she gets mad, most people would get quite scared.

Aizuki would have started to realise how much she cared for Watanabe since Junior high, although she would not do anything, as she was just happy at being with him and was waiting for him. However, she would also be selfish in the fact that she would just completely cut off all contact with him despite the friendship they had. Even though I didn’t make it clear in the beginning, she obviously went out with other guys. In the later versions, I would point out that she had problems committing due to the fact that she would think of Watanabe, yet is still too proud to try and contact him.

Once they reconciled, she and Watanabe actually has a very deep and strong relationship where they clearly knows a lot about one another, often talking about anything and everything. Despite the two of them not married and not even living together, they would often point out that they are all but doing that. She would not really be concerned about marriage as she knew that it would eventually come and her main concern is actually her sister.

Like the previous version, Aizuki is very protective of her sister, and perhaps even more so in this vision, which could be due to the fact that she all but raised Ashita up, as their parents died when Ashita was only five. She is really the head of the house because she was the one that deals with the house chores and for quite sometime, she was the only one that earned income. This then does mean that she is a bit fugal at times, as she had to economise for the whole family.

Even though Aizuki does seem to boss Watanabe around, this is only because he let her and they both know this. In addition, she actually does not demand him to stop smoking despite how much she dislike it due to knowing that it is really difficult.

Takashi Chinami (Hana yori dango): I actually got her name wrong because it should actually be Kondou Chinami. I needed to come up with a last name for her and due to playing the DS game, I decided that I would take the last name of the seiyuu that voiced Akira. The problem comes due to the fact that I got the first and last name of the seiyuu mixed up. Yes, the seiyuu in question is actually Kondou Takashi. I think if I write again, I would probably change her last name, because that would be a nice last name.

The idea behind Chinami’s background is an idea that I have had for ages, when I first read Ouran High School Host Club. I wanted someone who is in the rich world, but actually knows what it is like to be poor. It is only slightly visible because even though her family are rich, it is not as extreme as the others. In addition, her past was just normal, instead of being in poverty. One of her issues, however, is still her adjusting to all this. She also has to deal with the death of her parents and even though it seems her uncle and his family love her, they are still people whom she did not know that well. Therefore, she did still feel certain restraint in regard to her new family.

Her relationship with Akira would also bring her new problems because she knows that he like older women and dislike younger girls. Therefore, she actually tries to act very mature and be very understanding and accepting of whatever he do.

I do like writing about her because I think she and Akira can actually grow and progress in their relationship together.

Arashi: She was still once one of the four ruling demons but the difference is that her decision of being with Cifer was her choice, and this was actually because they thought that this would be better. She actually had various lovers who she kept around as toys and pets. In extracts from here, her character would be very proud. She would comment that if Cifer had gone to her, she might just let him be a lover who has more power, while he actually made her his wife.

Gabrielle Revien (Ace Attorney): I think the idea for an OC come because I saw this OC competition on site. The rules were that the original character had to be someone that would be involved in court, so they would either be defence attorney, prosecutor or detectives. I was quite daunted by this because I always liked to have an OC that is not involved (eg.Ashita does not play tennis). However, upon seeing that they could be a witness, the idea then came. However, I now wonder: would it have been very different if it wasn’t due to that?

Gabrielle would be a witness due to her father being someone that Edgeworth prosecuted and I then added that they were childhood friends to let that be a factor that connect them. Since my very first version, there was always the idea of Gabrielle being quite pretty and have a fondness for fashion. She would also be the more experienced on in regard to relationship as she had previous boyfriends that she even lived with at one stage.

One of the most important aspects to her character is that she is able to continue loving her father. Despite not forgiving him for killing her stepmother, she could still love him because he is her father and that could be because for many years, he was the only one that was there. In the same way, she continued to stick with Edgeworth despite what he would be accused of.

Earlier on, Gabrielle did have a slight idealised image of Edgeworth due to what she recalled from her childhood, although this was quickly dispelled.

Takakura Houko (Haruka 2): even in my earliest version, Houko was meant to be from a single parent family and Akuram would be special to her due to the fact that he was the only one there. However, in this earlier version, she would actually want to help Kyo for the sake of doing so, as well as ending up caring for the hachiyo. It is also harder to talk about her at this period, because I actually wrote a few Karin fan fictions at the same time.

Nakatya (Haruka 4): My initial idea for Nakatya is actually completely different from what she has become. She become Nasatya’s twin sister due to chance, I coincidentally made her the same age as him. Initially, I wrote her as a princess who was imprisoned by her family due to her having strange powers, and she would run away with Karigane. Later on, I start to work with the idea of the twins beings close, but they were actually not that close. After all, Nakatya would choose to run away with Karigane (leaving Nasatya behind) and in the end, she would actually survive him.

One day the idea of her being with Hiiragi then come and with Hiiragi, their relationship would be much bitter, because there is the issue of them being on two different sides. There would be hints about how important Nasatya is to her because she would agree to let Chihiro go despite not being happy with the decision at all. There are also issues of how she is very proud by her decision of leaving Hiiragi when he marries Chihiro, as she could not bear to see him being so happy with another.

I think it is actually learning how the twins are actually not the emperor’s real children that lead me having the idea of the multi chapters.

Once I wrote ‘The Fading Anemones’ her character began to set and one of the most obvious one is her devotion to her twin brother, he would be the most important to her and she would protect him no matter what. Likewise, she would choose him and be with him instead of Karigane. For his sake, she would be very obedient to the emperor and the law, even though she would like to rebel.

Even though she is quite selfish and only care for her twin brother, she does still acknowledge that her husband was very good to her.

Ayame (Haruka 4): I think the very earliest version of Ayame was the poems that I wrote. She would be the false priestess and due to Nasatya marrying her, she would be very grateful to him. Ayame is basically the same in the multi chapters. She loves Nasatya due to both gratitude, and the fact that she could tell that he is a good man. As a result, she would choose to remain by him no matter what.

Hojo Tamako (Haruka 3): I wanted to write a Kagetoki story and I suddenly had the idea of how he had a fiancée who he had to give up due to him working for Yoritomo, and I decided to let her be related to Masako. I think part of my reason of wanting to do this is because I want to show that the Genji and Hojo family are really very affectionate too, it is only the circumstance. Tamako would have been called Tokiko, because Masako’s other sister is called Tokiko, due to their father being Tokimasa. However, since there was a Tokiko already, I decided to let her be called Tamako.

I decided that Tamako would be very much like Kagetoki in that she only wanted to have a happy family with the people that she love.

In the earlier version, Tamako simply remained unmarried but due to me finding out that Yasuhira has an elder brother, I then had the idea of: “What if Yasuhira assassinated his brother too?” although it was never explored. But with my decision of using Kunihira, I then had the idea of letting Kagetoki and Kunihira being friends, with Kunihira deciding to marry her. Like the later versions, Tamako would be very bitter at Kunihira’s action, although her engagement with Kagetoki would never have been official as Kagetoki’s family did not know this.

She and Masako seemed to be once very close, but in the earlier version, she was still a little bit jealous of Masako.

Kaen (Haruka 3): Kaen is actually quite problematic because I don’t think I’ve ever got a proper grasp on her character, and she has a variety of pasts: Yoritomo and Kurou’s sister, Koremori’s sister, a peasant girl; Kiyomori’s granddaughter via another son, etc etc. But I think the basic thing about Kaen is that she would choose to run away due to being in love, as well wanting to be the one that decides what would happen to her. In some versions, she would actually run away herself so that she could chase after him. There is also a version where she would declare out that she has already slept with a man so that she would lose all chance of marrying (although I then learnt that at that time, this wouldn’t really have an affect, as they actually are not very strict). Yet in other versions, she would just seem a very sweet village girl that Benkei married. There is another version where she and Benkei married, only that he would pretend that he hates her, but she would continue to hold on.


Miyamoto Fuyuko (Last escort: club Katz): I know that I would probably never ever write this story, but it I think it would be an interesting concept. She would be someone that grew up around the water business. The result is that she does bear a slight distrust for boys due to feeling that their words are often fake, and the reason that she ended up liking Johan is probably because he is quite clumsy at times, a contrast to the people around her. On the other hand, she is able to hang out with guys very easily as she just see them as possible friends.

Houko: by this time I realised that I would not really write about Karin and I begin to write a lot of Haruka 2 fan fictions where I explore Houko’s relationship with Akuram. I start to show how she would abandon everything just to be with him. In addition, there has been times when she is with Hokutoseikun and she would choose to give up all that just to be with Akuram. At the same time, I begin to have the idea that her being the priestess might just be a role that she has to play. However, when she is with Katsuzane she would be able to really love the city and I think this really shows that she is very insecure and sought to be loved. At the same time, I have also wrote stories where she is with Hisui, showing her questioning her relationship due to not sure whether this is what she wants.

Ayame: I had the idea of her being the priestess of the black dragon and I also just started to write more stories of her at the same time. In the version where she is a normal human, she continues to love Nasatya and be devout to him, even sacrificing herself for him. Another idea that I often work with would be that Ayame is blind, and would not be seen as a suitable wife. She herself would actually not mind being a concubine, as long as she could continue to be with him.

As the priestess of the black dragon, Ayame is a bit more complicated as she does have a conflicting loyalty. She has to serve and protect the black dragon, yet it wants to destroy the world. Bitter as she is, she would not want the world to be destroyed, because it is still a world with Nasatya in it. There is also the factor that she grew up by being only the priestess, and so she loved Nasatya due to believing that he is the only one that sees her. Yet at the same time, there were times when she would choose to do her duties as a priestess even though it might not be something that the rest understand.

At the same time, I had alternative versions of the multi-chapters where Ayame had to marry Asvin and would eventually be ordered to die. In regard to this version, Ayame’s devotion to Nasatya is such that she would marry Asvin due to Nasatya wanting this, yet at the same time, she would ask him to spend a night with him. When she dies, she accepts, but this is because she knows that the gods would avenge her, as she would be happy at this.

From here onward, she would often play a musical instrument, usually the dilruba.

Nakatya: I wrote less of Nasatya this year. In the multi-chapters, her character had little change. She is paired up with Hiiragi, but she is pretty much the same. She is devoted to her twin, choosing him. However, there would actually be a bit of what would be Haruka 4.5. Nakatya would become resentful of her marriage and she would actually start to rebel both before and after her marriage. Her twin brother is still really important because her reason of having her own happiness would be because this was something that he can accept.

Rurihime (Haruka 3): my initial idea was only for a short story and the idea was that she and Yasuhira were in an arranged marriage and she would actually fall in love with him even though he would remain indifferent to her. I had the idea that she would be a contrast to Tamako, so she would be a noble princess instead of one from the bushi family.

Even in the unfinished short story, there was the issue of how Rurihime was trying to do what she could for Yasuhira despite knowing that this was wrong and all along, I had the idea of letting her die in Yasuhira’s place.

In the multi chapter her character is more developed but I actually didn’t have much changes. Rurihime starts of as a rather idealistic young girl who dreams of a romantic wedding like that of her parents, but will become disillusioned. However, she would actually try to adjust by doing what she can for Yasuhira. Her decision of accepting Yasuhira’s action is not just because she loves him, but because she believes in him. This would be why some of his actions would still cause her to be horrified, even though she would not condemn him for it.

Rurihime is aware of her limits, of what she could and could not do.

Tamako: With my multi-chapters I was able to explore her character a bit more. She and Kagetoki would have an arranged marriage, only that they would fall in love. She wishes to be happy and is satisfied with what she has. Tamako loves her sister and whenever someone praises Masako, she would actually be happy for her sister.

One of Tamako’s faults, however, is that she only focuses on what she cares about, as she never thought about making use of her opportunity in Kyo, or worry about what Masako might do upon finding out about Yoritomo. This is also reflected in how she remains resentful at Hiraizumi even though she could have became very influential due to being Kunihira’s wife. Like Rurihime, Tamako had an easy life, only that she was luckier, as it was much longer, and when it breaks, she has difficulty in accepting it.

It was only at the end of the story when she would try to find a way to change the situation. In that aspect, I think Rurihime might be more mature then her despite being younger.

OC and pairing list 2007 & 2008


Amiltha Nervachez Corthala (Neverwinter Nights): I think it was in the beginning of the year when I had the idea of letting Elara be in Neverwinter Nights and Amiltha being the heroine of Neverwinter Nights, although in some of the alternative version, she would actually be killed by Aribeth. But the early idea I had of her is that she is a druid and she was not able to really understand her mother’s action, although she loved her mother. In addition, she also has a very bitter relationship with her father.

Elara (Neverwinter Nights): I was playing Neverwinter Nights at that time, so I had the idea of Elara being there, where she works for Aarin Gend and actually met the Hero of Neverwinter. In this version, she is actually an assassin for the city- which was also influenced by the Weiss Kreuz, what I was watching at that time. Overall, she is quite ruthless in that she could kill her targets by only seeing it as a job. However, the main difference in this version is that she loves and adores daughter. Unlike before, she also uses her body to manipulate men and indulges in brief affairs. By this time, I have pretty much given up on the mod and decided that she would be with Valygar. Her pride begin to be shown, because she would refuse to go back to him due to what he did in the past.

At the same year, I then began to write a multi-chapters again, deciding to give this another go, although I would end up giving up due to prince of tennis.

In this version, Elara is a high positioned assassin who is very ruthless and also lives with abandonment due to being resentful at what Valygar did. However, she has a rather touching relationship with Sarevok, who she actually regards as her brother. Despite knowing that he has to die due to the harm his plan would do, she would be genuinely upset at killing him, and this would be a guilt that continues to haunt her. Unlike my previous mod, however, their relationship seems to make more sense, because she would be quite a ruthless person too. It was at this point where I started to seriously contemplate whether she really could be a chaotic good character, although I was still a bit reluctant to admit that she is not.

Elara is bitter at her past- the abuse she suffered from her parents and then her masters. However, she is now matter of fact about it, even believing that this was not so uncommon. Perhaps one can say that she has become cynical and choose to see the bad instead of the good. Yet at the same time, she is more aware of the character of the people around her.

I also explore her relationship with Aran Linvail a bit more and it is a slight parallel with Valygar. She understands that she is bond to him because he saved her, even though he does not regard her as anything more then a tool or a dog. She feels indebt to him and cannot leave him in the same way as she is grateful to how Valygar saved her. But unlike my other characters in this situation, she is aware of her actions and reasoning, and is actually irritated at herself and knows that her actions are merely a way to distract herself. As I would alter mention, she is the first character that I have written that is very free in regard to sex. My previous characters were all very virtuous- where they would only sleep with their husband.

I also used a lot of flashback in this version, so we actually see what she would have been like- a young woman that is a bit more bitter and angry at times, but also a woman who cares about her husband greatly. Later on, she would actually lose her memory of being abandoned but she would choose to remember her past, even though it is quite bitter, by feeling that one should face the truth, as well as not wishing to lose her memories, as she knows that just as there are bad ones, there are good ones too.

Setsuka: in this version, which I finished writing, she is more bitter due to that fact that she would be orphaned, whereas in the previous version, she lived with her father. Setsuka would believe in the story of the seishi bringing disaster and would hate her fate. Unlike before, she is very eager to be able to protect herself, as her own father killed by a bandit. Initially, she had no intention of helping Takiko, but would end up truly caring for Takiko as a sister. She would like Takiko for the fact that Takiko tries to do thing herself and fight with them.

In a way, she is probably one of my characters that actually strive for gender equality as she feels insulted whenever someone say that she can’t do something because she is a woman. She has also pointed out that she is as capable, if not more, then some of the men around her. With the exception of Hikitsu, she is very scornful to any that says they want to protect her.

She and Hikitsu were childhood sweethearts and she would cling onto his memory and would not be able to love anyone but him. I am not saying that this is not possible, but this is quite idealistic, a sign that this is my earlier work.

Tanaka Ashita (prince of tennis): their name started off as Tanako, but that is too unrealistic. It becomes Tanaka because the original idea was that instead of Tanaka, I want to add an O in it.

In all honesty, Ashita’s come of being is quite sad. The whole idea started due to the fact that I think Shiraishi would be so devoted to tennis that he would dump a very supporting girlfriend. Therefore, this idea really established her character. However, instead of just being the devoted and supporting girlfriend, her reason is selfish, she does this as a way to keep Shiraishi by her side. This actually indicates that she believe her actions would be met with some type of reward. Therefore, it is not just for Shiraishi, but for herself as well. In addition, she is very resentful at what Shiraishi did and would choose to ignore him.

This is not to say that she is very selfish, but simply that her intentions were not so selfless. Later on, when Shiraishi and her has reconciled, she would be able to accept his actions, even sacrificing some of their time together.

Another of the important thing I want to get across is that Ashita has her own life. She is in a different club and spends time with her girlfriend most of the time. Therefore, she is actually not very close with the regulars, although they could get on well due to them all being friendly to another.

Tanaka Aizuki (prince of tennis): I ended up having two versions of her, as well as two version of her relationship with Watanabe. In this first one, the focus is also on how Watanbe moves on from his very idealistic and romantic relationship with his previous girlfriend. Aizuki has to deal with the fact that he is having trouble with the idea of moving on, and all he could offer her was their strange friendship. Initially, she was only looking for friendship, for someone to drink with her and listen to her complain. He was just a friend that she felt quite sorry for.

In the original version, her past is not so extreme. She hung with some of the semi-bad students in the school, but she has yet to get into any serious trouble. She does drink quite a bit and when she is upset, that is often her solution. However, she is not an alcoholic. In addition, she is actually quite old fashioned by deciding to wait until marriage and this would be something many find hard to believe as she often acts in a semi wild way in her other actions. But overall, she is a girl who likes to have a slight thrill without having any long term consequences.

I suppose since this is a story about moving on, Aizuki would actually consider what to do with her seemingly requited relationship, even thinking about moving on. However, as this is my rather idealistic period, she actually does not get to do so.

Aizuki’s relationship with her family was not a happy one. They were poor while their parents often argue, and she is angry at this. Her twin brother is then really smart and her parents seem to prefer him, causing her to be even more bitter. Her behaviour then made her parents upset with her and this also made her twin angry at her. However, she loves her sister due to the fact that Ashita seem to love her and regard her as perfect. She is well aware that she is not, but she likes the idea that someone could actually think so well of her.

Later on, she and her brother would become quite close, even though she and her brother would argue. The reason they argue so often is due to them not speaking out their agreement, which they can work out without the other saying it.

Saiya (Saiunkoku monogatari): In my earliest version, she actually does not have a last name. She was a child of the street who used to sell flowers beside Kouyuu and that was it. The two of them were not very close, as she would not feel that he was obliged to help her out after he was adopted. In addition, her way of living meant that she had a live today for today philosophy because she could only concentrate on surviving each day.

An oneshot I wrote sometime later become darker due to me reading the relevant light novel and there would be hints of her being a slave too. But despite her past, she is more optimistic as she would try to ignore the suffering by pretend that they were accidents. However, this then also meant that she does not really believe in other people’s kindness.


Ashita (Prince of tennis AU): I have worked with a lot of AU ideas, but this one is special in that I didn’t just write extracts for it, it actually become a proper multi-chapters story. In this case, Ashita grew up trying to make the best of her situation after her family become poor due to the scandal and problems of her family: her mother’s elopement, her father’s execution and treachery, her sister’s madness. She accepts being poor without much difficulty, but hates to have to pretend. Overall, however, she is not that unhappy. She never really knew her parents and what upset her is her sister. However, she still has her elder brother and a sister-in-law that was like an elder sister. Despite being in a patriarchal society she knew that she could have a choice in her marriage, which is quite a privilege.

As a result, she does try to be obedient, even agreeing to marrying the emperor due to everyone wanting this. However, it is this that caused her problems because she would fall in love with Shiraishi. She does try to resist this but would choose to commit adultery.

At first, she would consider suicide but once Shiraishi talks to her, she would actually continue to hold on and she would do this for a few years.

She is quite jealous of Yuu and Rachel, but she is not completely unreasonable. Despite Watanabe causing her to not be able to marry Shirasihi she would not blame him until learning about his relationship with her sister, which then caused her to be bitter, another cause of the adultery. However, she never once considered elopement and this could be because she does not believe that it would be possible, as well as due to the fact that the does not want to bring shame onto her family.

One of the interesting things about her as a character is that she is a member of high nobility that grew up without having anything other the name. Not only was she not used to wealth, she was probably more comfortable with talking to maids instead of members of her own class. This would be why she would be able to treat Sakuno as a sister instead.

Aizuki (prince of tennis AU): one of Aizuki’s characteristics is that she is not able to just move on and this causes her bitterness, because she is aware of this being problematic. However, in the AU, her situation is worse then usual. Bitter and guilty due to all that happened, she is often hysterical. As a result, she often focuses her love on Ashita alone.

In cheerful times, she was actually quite a merry girl despite the problems she had with her parents and chooses to be with Watanabe without thinking of the consequences of her actions. At times, she would act in a rebellious way that was deemed as unseemly for a girl.

Nytalia (Neverwinter Nights 2): Nytalia is a strange case because the idea just came- to show brief moments of a strange relationship.

Nytalia was a child that was sold to slavers, but she actually managed to escape due to Bishop’s help and she would choose to sleep with him. Her reason is simple: the first person she sleeps with would be this person that she chose instead of having it be done by force.

She is someone who has been through a lot and she also likes to use her looks and body as a way to manipulate men. Throughout the story her profession is a thief and there was never once the question of whether she could have found some other job. She is content with her lifestyle.

Even though she would fall in love with Bishop and promise that he would always be the most important, this does not prevent her from having any other lovers, which she is very honest about. Her relationship with Bishop is something that just is, which she cannot understand. Despite him being a traitor and trying to kill her, she would still welcome him back. This is not because she is saintly and forgives him, but because it just is something she just accept. She would rather have his company, even if it would be like that.

Arashi (Love drops): Initially, Arashi’s real form is a sword and in my very first idea, she was actually one of a pair of swords and her reason of being in the PC’s word really does seem to be that of sightseeing. I think they were based on Setsuka and Hikitsu from Genbu Kaiden. However, once she is paired up with Cifer, her life seems harder. She would become his sword and he would become obsessed with her, causing her to escape and even agree to lose her power if it meant that she could stay away from him. I feel that in the earlier version, it did seem something that Cifer ended up forcing on her. At one stage, she would even say that she was like his concubine.

Later on, I begin to work with the idea of elements and she would be a wind demon, who is one of the four rulers in the demon world. She would be very stubborn and values her freedom greatly because she refused to marry the fire demon (unlike the other ruling demons). Her suitor would actually trigger a war between some angels and demon, which lead to Cifer almost killing her brother. Her reason of going with Cifer is due to her desire of protecting her brother.

OC and pairing list 2005 & 2006


Elena Kiraed (Baldur’s Gate): Mary Sue. Beautiful character that everyone loves even though she did nothing to cause this and is unaware of all this attention. Despite being the daughter of Bhaal (the god of murder), she is completely untainted. To my defence…I can only say that I was only in my teens at that time. Even though the story was published in 2005, I actually had the idea when I first played the game, when I was only about 14 (quite some time ago). But despite how faulty and embarrassing is, she is still one of the first OC that I created. I think this shows a sign of change, if I write about a character like her now, she would probably be very scheming and nasty. Even though I never reached the Throne of Bhaal part of the story, her former enemies was meant to have helped her at the final battle, now guilty about what he did.

I was only about 17…I was only about 17…can that be enough?

Also…now that I look back…how do you have eyes that look innocent and wise at the same time?

Forgive me, I was young…

Shachariya Minta Daniel (Lost): written at the same time and in addition to the character, I think my main problem is the fact that I feel my plot was not done very well. First of all, I don’t think the way I portrayed Sayid and Sawyer was to character.

Once again: I was only seventeen.

I also wrote Minta at a time when my life seemed going up and down even though now that I think about it, it is not that extreme. Overall, Minta is very loyal to her husband once she got over his issue about his past, as well as being a bit of a reclusive and now that I think about it, she probably depended on Sayid a bit too much. That was probably why she had her breakdown. To her, he was the one that saved her and provided for her. Without meaning to, she seems to almost completely depend on him. Therefore, when he could not be there, she does not know how to handle this. In addition, her finding out his past means that this contrast with the heroic image she has created. I think later on, she does begin to grow a bit and stick up for herself and Sayid, but overall, she has quite a waif like appearance. She is very fragile both physically and mentally. She was someone that wished to be rescued, and maybe that reflected what I felt at that time.

Zelaran Nervachez (Baldur’s Gate): now that I think about it, she is a character that is in stages, as each version she becomes a bit different. In my original version, the mod that I intended to write, she was a Chaotic Good assassin, which is probably an indication of me being unrealistic. She is meant to be a nice person who is forced to do nasty things by circumstances, and she is actually quite fragile, hoping to be looked after despite pretending to not want this. However, compared to the other characters I have had, she is actually more acceptant and tolerant due to her own background on the street.

One of the interesting things about her is that she has a prejudice against elves, which I just add because it seems everyone loves them, and I just want to try having a character that doesn’t (which is probably why I really like the Adrian mod).

In this very first version, Zelaran (commonly known as Elara) was actually never an assassin because she escaped her training and became a mage. She is seen as an assassin due to her working for Aran Linvain, but this is actually quite misleading. Therefore, the issue about Elara is that she had a past that was quite twisted, but did manage to recover from it.


Elara: I started to write about her and even though I used the same ideas as the mod, she is actually more bitter and cruel. There are hints that suggest that she might have actually worked as an assassin. In addition, I also show her actually being nasty, instead of just saying she can be at times. I think she has a bit more emotion due to how she is coming to term with the fact that the child of Bhaal betrayed her when they were both quite young.

In the same year, I wrote another version of the story and it is clear that her character is getting darker. She is still a thief who then becomes a mage, this version clearly states that she is an assassin. In addition, she is more manipulative now, which include the use of her body. However, this version was only a few pages.

Houki Yuri (Fushigi Yuugi): this is probably my first manga/anime fan fiction. The first big one. The story is meant to be a romantic one and the two of them fell in love by the prologue. Although in my initial idea, Yuri actually came with Miaka at the same time. Her relationship with Hotohori was meant to develop at the same time. I don’t deny that I had the idea due to wishing that Hotohori could have someone with him.

This is a story heavily focused on romance so that is probably what dominated Yuri’s character- her desire of doing something for Hotohori. This actually makes her a bit unreasonable and looking back, there are now times when I feel that the two of them did not quite understand each other. I wonder whether they were simply still in that romantic and idealised period. This is mainly due to the fact that she would actually think that Hotohori might be upset at her for not dying to summon Suzuku. Now that I relook at it, I do feel that this lack of trust is quite alarming.

Yuri is actually one of my characters that have the ability of fighting for herself, although looking at my other OCs and stories, that is really just me following a trend. Despite her ability of using a sword, this was only done once. Later on, she was always the one that was protected, instead of the one that fights. I actually cannot see her actually pulling out a sword and fight again. Therefore, I do feel that the incident where she used a sword was kind of just plot development. This link to how she is a character who can be cruel in order to protect the ones that she loves, because she would actually kill her own celestial warriors and hurt others with the hope that this would help Hotohori. She is aware of this because she would say that she is selfish by doing something that Hotohori want, as well as admitting that she never cares for Kounan.

A big issue is her insecurity, which seems quite a common factor with my original characters. I guess this could sort of explain why she clings onto Hotohori. Now that she finally has someone she can love and love her, she is afraid of losing him. However, there is this issue of is she perhaps being a bit too dependent on him? This seems a common theme in my early stories. One of the rather chilling things is that even though she does love her children, she actually has not given them as much thought as she ought to have (but then, this is my own fault). When she thought that Hotohori died, she would point out that even though she can live for her children, she could not be happy without Hotohori.

In my sequel, I actually talked about their past life and I think she actually has more of a character. There is the same issue with her not being able to remain rational due to the mere thought of him being gone, as she would seriously contemplate destroying the world. However, the beginning shows that she is aware of her faults, that she would not be able to be a good priestess as that is not what she wants to be. In addition, she also decides to sleep with Hotohori due to being certain of loving him. I feel she is more human, her anger makes more sense. But as mentioned, she does still retain her deep love for Hotohori because she would cause Nakago to die in order to protect him.

You Setsuka (Genbu Kaiden): I actually had the idea for the story and the OC from this time, only that I didn’t finish my story due to being stuck. Overall, her character is pretty similar. She had a very happy childhood and was able to be unconventional by learning weaponry. This was partly due to her desire of doing something herself, and partly because she just wants to do what Hikitsu is doing. However, she resents people saying that she can only do something due to special treatment so she would work hard to prove that it is not so, even confronting them. She is also quite temperamental, dealing with accusations by lashing and striking out.

The only major difference is that in this original version, her mother was the one from Kounan, while her father is the child of the village leader.

Sunstroke Project’s Amor

I first saw them in Eurovision and not only are they my fav 2010 entry, they are my all time favourite Eurovision entry. One of the reason was that it was because when I saw them, I had a “Yes, this is Eurovision” that I am looking at. Their entry was with Olia Tira. I also really like the entry because it seems that they are doing a performance instead of just a song. I like duets that are telling a story.

The thing I really like about the band is that they are not just focused on the vocalist. Each member of the trio has great importance, because both the violinist and the saxophonist have an equal time in performance too. I really like this because I feel that too often we just focus on the singer.

But I was on youtube when I suddenly saw that they have a new song, which has an official MV. I really like the song although the MV is a bit….controversial. As many of the comments on the youtube point out, it seems overly sexualised.  However, I think it is because they are trying to tell a story, as evident by the way the girls act around the instrument of their choosing. However, I admit, because of some of the part for the video, I don’t have the guts to download and keep

But for some strange reason which I cannot explain, the song has a James Bond feel to me. I can see this song being a James Bond song with flashes of the film inserted

I really like the song as it is really catchy and I especially love the Spanish part. Below is the lyrics taken from http://lyricstranslate.com/en/amor-love.html. The Italised bits are the Spanish translations.


I feel something for you
I don't know what it is
Something for you
Maybe it's love
Your taste in me
It's just for myself
Something for you
I can't live

Come to me lady
You’re so sexy I am crazy
When you do that move
Just don’t stop
Cause I am the one
Who’s gonna burn tonight

When you keep your body low
Dancing in my gig
You just make me lose control
Keeping me awake
Make me shiver when I shout
Calling out your name
Can you call my name
Can you call my name

I feel something for you
I don't know what it is
Something for you
Maybe it's love
Your taste in me
It's just for myself
Something for you
I can't live

So I’m ready
You’re my booty, you’re my lady
Shake your sexy thing don’t stop
Cause I can give you everything tonight

When I heard and saw this bit being sung: Make me shiver when I shout, calling out your name. Can you call my name? Can you call my name?”, I just immediately thought of it as a James Bond song. I don’t know why, but I just do.
Since I had been examining the PC in the games I have played, I suddenly had a desire to do so for my OC. This is partly caused by the fact that I was rereading some of my old stories and it is interesting. When possible, I would try to make the list chronological.

I am going to start from 2005. Even though I only got into Japanese ACG at around the middle of 2006, I actually began my account on fan fiction.net at 2005 and begin publishing at that time. This is due to TV and western computer games. The stories I wrote at that time are still there, although looking back, it is naturally quite embarrassing. I’ll probably categorise the list as when I begin to write about that character, although in some cases, I have them around for a long time, that they start to change quite a bit.

When the person only has their first name listed, it means that I have already talked about them before. This deals with how their character got changed when I write about them this time.

As this list ends up being insanely long (36 pages of size 12 font) I realise it might be best that I split it up. Maybe this can be something I do on a yearly basis.

Canon characters
I actually have written stories for non-original characters too, which is quite rare.

In regard to these cases, I include examples where I have written quite a bit of work on them, or if it is quite special to me (Fushigi Yuugi for example). If it is just an oneshot then it is excluded.

Hotohori and Soi (Fushigi Yuugi): This is my: ‘I know that they are not a pairing but if they ever become a pairing I would support them”. The reason that I think of this is because I think they are quite similar in that they both idolise the person who first show them some sort of kindness that they had been denied of.

Sesshoumaru and Sango (Inuyasha): This is my “I don’t care that there was no connection between the two of them in the original story. In my mind, they are a pair.” I got into this pair due to suddenly thinking they might be quite a good combination and after various fan fictions, I firmly support them as a pair. I think they are a really good pair because they can balance one another really well. I believe Sango deserve someone who would be devoted to her, while Sesshoumaru is able to accept her due to how strong she is.

Watanabe and Shiraishi (prince of tennis): one of my yaoi pairings, which I don’t really do, but due to reading too many at that time, this idea came to me. I guess it is due to the fact that I feel Watanabe actually sees much more then what anyone imagine, and I always feel Shiraishi is the one who he has worked in the team for three years, as opposed to the others, who have two years at the most. I guess I also like the idea that Watanabe might be able to see the pain that Shiraishi tries to hide from the other. Even without them being a pairing, I now feel that Watanabe is the one who has seen the real Shiraishi.

Shiraishi and Zaizen (prince of tennis): I’ve only worked with them once, because most of the time, I write about friendship for the guys. However, the idea that this pairing come to mind is because I think Zaizen actually does respect Shiraishi quite a bit.

Kensei and Risa (Bleach): I haven’t written that much stories with them but I actually would like to. I think Risa and Kensei could actually be a pair as I think there are hints of the two of them liking each other. Risa is an interesting case because I feel she is much more ruthless then some of the other vizards, shown by their reaction to Hiyori’s decision. In addition, she was the one that was separated from her captain/deputy and I think she and Kyouraku did have something going on. If not a romance then a deep relationship. Therefore, I feel that this is her additional burden.

I feel that she and Kensei seem to speak to each other a lot. However, the latest bleach seems to suggest that he die (which I read from online, as I stop reading when they were still fighting Aizen). I knew that Aizen died, but that was it. However, upon reading a plot summary…I was shocked.

Maybe I just am not meant to be a canon person.

Shigi and Mariko (Genbu Kaiden Kagami no miko): to be honest, I was not very sure where to group this, because even though Mariko is not my character, does she count as a game character, given that she is the game’s original character that does not appear in the original story? However, due to really liking her, I decided that she is canon enough. Besides original characters imply that I create them, and I did not create her.

In my stories of her, I tend to focus on what happened afterwards. She would actually make the choice of staying with Shigi despite what he has done even though this would change the time line of people’s meeting.

Mariko would also be able to accept what has happened, even though his actions are not what she would agree with at all. She would also remember Shura and while she would not expect Shigi to mourn and grief for the other in the same way, she would not let him pretend that it never happened.

Canada (Hetalia): To be honest, I am not sure whether this is still canon character because I have taken quite a bit of creative liberty, and there is the issue of her gender too. But my idea with Canada is that she is much older then what any of them thought. In my story, Canada starts out as a young nation who was happy to just be with her brother, only to realise that this is not what she want. She is also very maternal because it is Iceland’s birth that finally made her forgive Denmark and even she tried to avoid the Nordic nations, this would not include Iceland.

Canada herself is actually very strong, because she endures many hardships and she would forgive the mistakes made by her family members. In addition, she also has the strong desire of fighting for herself.

Romano (Hetalia): same issues as the above. My Romano is a female and she ends being quite different from the original, so can I still call her Romano? Yet my idea of Romano is that this is what the real Romano could have been like. Someone who is actually aware of what is going on around him (her). In addition, I believe that Romano also care for Spain due to the fact that he/she knows that Spain did not need to treat him in such a nice way. Due to the fact that Spain is so nice to Romano I really do believe that Romano is a special case. Instead of a servant, he truly feels Romano to be a brother. And in my story, a lover. I believe that it is because of this love that causes Spain to do what he can for Romano, even if this would not benefit him.

Mukuro and Chrome (Hitman Reborn): I admit, the moment that when Mukuro told Chrome that she did well and can take a rest, I realised that I now have favourite characters along with a pairing. I can only say that this must be the first time when I love a canon pairing so much. I think regardless of everything, Chrome would always be special to him, because she would be the only one that he could trust no matter what. I do wish that the author could have shown the two of them officially getting together at the very end. However, I do like what the anime show and for me, that was enough.

Daemon and Chrome (Hitman Reborn): this pairing ended up being quite interesting because even though Chrome is meant to be the same, Daemon is quite different from Mukuro, yet I do feel that he is him as well. In his case, she would be someone that he approached first due to interest, while she would just be glad at him being with her.

Suzuka (Bakumatsu renka Shinsengumi): Suzuka is actually my favourite PC in an otome game and this is shown by the fact that I actually write using her, instead of just letting an OC be in her place. One of the interesting things about Suzuka is that she is actually with the group for five years, so she actually undergoes great change. Even though she might have started the game as a little girl, she actually would have been all grown up by the end of the game.

I’ve only written two stories for this fandom and both are actually quite depressing. One of it is Kondu’s route with her being alive, so it is naturally depressing, while the other is Umetarou having died, with her haunting after his killer. I think the reason that both stories are tending towards the depressing side is that they both show how she is able to live despite the lose of the one that is so important, yet because she love them so much, she would devote the rest of her life to them, unable to move on. I did thought about whether she would have accepted another’s proposal of marriage but I realised that she would not do so, she is someone that could look after herself.

On a side note, my fav pairing in the game is Suzuka and Umetarou (he has to be my favourite Sakamoto Ryoma so far, which is problematic, as I can’t like the others as much as I like him).

First entry of 2016!

Once again, we are at this time: the first blog entry. Compared to my previous years, my entries this year is very little. The reason is simple: I had a year when a lot of changes happened. I ended up working officially full time, and I was also in a job that is very different from what I have been in from beore.

Right now, I seriously have no idea what would happen to me in the future, but I have decided that I would simply live my life and try to be happy. The reason I say this is because I had a very bumpy ride on my new job. I don’t want to say too much about it, but I will just say that it has been trying and demanding, especially when I have a slight clash with my manager. But this has been goo because I ended up realising that my parents are actually very supportive of me, and I need to stop being obsessed with how I am seen. Therefore, instead of being in a situation where I felt that I have to be in this job in order to not be seen in a negative way, it became the sense of I merely choose to be here. I don’t need to live in fear of what might happen. Therefore, I don’t need to live in fear of losing it.

I also decided that I will let 2016 be the year where I try to fuflfill some of the things that I have wanted for a long time: such as travelling. I don’t have the mentality to go on an extensive travel yet, but I hope on a short journey perhaps. After having been in a very stressful situation at one stage due to my job, this made me realise that I need to think about doing what I want, instead of being obsessed with am I doing the right or best thing, because there is no right answer for that.

Regarding my writing, I haven’t been able to do that much, but I have made progress with some short stories, as well as with my Final Fantasy XII and Fushigi Yuugi story, although the Prince of Tennis story is on a slight pause, while my Sangokuren story is on a slight halt. Maybe I can repack it up, because the fact that I did quite a bit means that it is a game that is very developed. My goal is that I might finish the Final Fantasy XII story this year, and this is not unrealistic, because I actually am on the part where the events in the game is happening. I am not as sure about Fushigi Yuugi, but I hope to reach a good place, and it would be easier to manage when one of my major project is done. I also hope to start a Samurai Warriors fan fiction too.

I also started to play Samurai Warriors and my sister and I actually brought a PS4 on boxing day, and we have brought both Samurai Warriors 4 games. So I have been playing that, although I am not so sure whether I would do a review for it, as it is a bit difficult. Well, at the very least, I should probably do a review for the Shikoku and Oushu route, although it is more Motochika and Masamune.

I have stopped putting up my fan fictions on my blog, and that could very well be another reason as to why I don’t update my blog as often as I used to.


Irritated at a little thing

This incident becomes a classic case of “I am not big enough to let it go, yet I don’t feel that this is something I want to raise a huge issue for.

I guess I am putting it on life journal in the hope that those who do not know me in real life can give some feedback. Or I just need to rant.

I have been having problem with this friend of mine, who I know for about fifteen years. However, she has recently been saying things that makes me uncomfortable and even hurtful. Some I have confront her about it, saying that she should not say it, but most of the time it is more of the case of she thinks it is okay to say it, only that it is not with me.

It is small things, but because they are small things they are building up. The sad thing is that I am at a stage where I find that I cannot trust her that much. I will not want to talk about certain subject with her, as I cannot trust her reaction. I think there is also a sense of: “Do I really know this person?”

It first started with “Game of throne” as we were talking about how the tv series contain so many nude scenes. I don’t watch it, although my sister did. I don’t really want to watch it because I’m not that much into high fantasy stories now, but I raise the issue that it is something I would find difficult to watch in my house as I live with my parents. I was just saying “By the way, if I watch it, it could be awkward.” She then said: “Why don’t you tell you parents: ‘why don’t you guys join me?’”. I know that this might sound funny, but I am someone that had a really bad relationship with both my parents until my mid 20s. Well, I am now okay with my mum, but even now, I still have a really bad relationship with my dad. By bad, I mean really bad mental wise. Even in my mid 20s there had been times when one of my parents would yell out that I am not normal and should probably be shut in a institution, or that one of their biggest regret is marriage as I was born. When younger, one of my mum’s favourite methods of discipline is telling me to get out of the house and not come back. To a preteen child, that is really horrifying.

As I said, I am okay with my mum now. We still have our moments, but we can work it out, although with my dad, that’s a different story. But the reason I mention this is that I have had great difficulty with my parents, so we are not a family where we can easily joke around. So for her saying that, when she knows what I had been through, is really hurtful. I was actually pretty mad as I told her: “Knowing what you know about my issues with my parents, what make you think that this is something okay to say to me?” She never ended up answering, as one of our other friends quickly said that maybe it is okay for her to say that to her parents, but not for me in my situation, and changed the subject.

The other thing…the situation with relationship. I don’t mind people asking but almost every time? Also, she knows my sister fairly well and would ask about my sister’s relationship status. But I felt that she crossed the line last time when she asks whether my sister ever showed any interest in guys. Is that any of your business? What are you implying? At first, I thought that I should just let it go, but I then realise that I should not. So I actually texted her and told her that I find it offensive, and I don’t want her to ever ask me that. She apologised and said that she was just trying to make conversation.

So yes, she sort of apologise in both situation, but I feel that it is not so much of a: “I said something that upset you as it is not okay” but a: “I said something fine and she just got upset for no reason.”

Although I realise it is not just me as she was talking about how she is worried about her cousins as they are single and haven’t had a boyfriend before (like me really). She thinks that is not normal. Although I managed to talk to her about it. But another thing that irritates me is that she is not exactly the best person to talk about this given the amount of time she has complained about her husband, and it is mainly due to personality clash. For someone who has said what she did to me, I hardly think she is the person to promote being with someone.

Then there is what triggered this post. Small thing, but yet it become the cause. A few days ago, we had our equivalent of sci-fi/anime con combined. I was dressed as the intention of abyss from Pandora Hearts. Ie.huge dress and long wig. I was just sharing a story of what happened on my way there. She then left this message (the top bit is my post):

It irritates me because it is the sense of: “How does this relate at all?” It seems a situation of wanting attention for yourself and just wants to talk about you. And that just really irritate me. I want to delete that post but it would then be too obvious.

I know, I know, small things, but it add up so I just want to rant. This could almost beat the time when my online friend actually on a post about my birthday, left a message about her relationship issue and then continue despite a hint.


Thanks to the game, I’ve been reading about Sengoku Japan and I maintain my theory that if playing games get you interested in one aspect, then it is a success. And one of the things that surprise me the most is actually this: the fact that so many people seem to dislike Ieyasu. I think I can understand why he might not be a popular character because in a game, we often do tend to like younger characters that are the bishounen type. However, I was still surprised at the negative and nasty things I have seen people say to him. Even saying that they dislike those who chose to side with Ieyasu. I really think that this is going beyond the we glorifying the ones that lost.

There is the issue that Mitsunari seems super popular and because Ieyasu did cause him to die, I guess that is a part of the resentment. However, I think it is probably Kiyomasa that hurt Mitsunari more. After all, Mitsunari never liked or even trusted Ieyasu, so why would he be upset when Ieyasu ‘rebel’. It is Kiyomasa’s departure that hurt him more, because he all but begged his friend to not go. I personally don’t blame this group that much, because I can understand this type of bias, as I do this too. In Samruai Warriors 3, I think I would always be irritated at how Kanetsugu caused Masamune to die in some route. I personally don’t dislike Kanetsugu, but this is probably something that I would always hold a grudge on.

As mentioned, in game, one’s liking of character can be affected by appearance. Even if it is not a deficient, it would help. However, I do think it is really unfair that Ieyasu get so many nasty things said due to his appearance. For many, him not being on the thin side seems another issue of criticism and some of the stuff I saw…you call someone in your workplace or school like that, they can probably sue you for defamation or personal slander, or accuse you of harassment and bullying. I know this is a game and I firmly believe game does not equal live, but this is still too much.

Now, the most important part. I have seen so many people accuse Ieyasu of being a traitor (which is the most polite word they use for this) and even say he is despicable. I find this very ironic because Hideyoshi did a very similar thing as Ieyasu. I have seen many people saying how Ieyasu is really cruel in what he did with the battle of Osaka. Yes, any battle is quite sad, but why should we feel that the Toyotomi are the victim when Hideyoshi did a similar thing with Nobunaga? Nobunaga had sons, but why didn’t his sons rule? Because of Hideyoshi. In fact, he even fought against one of Nobunaga’s sons, who was fighting with Shibata. The end resulted in the latter two dying. I think Hideyoshi just took away their power, and he forced one of Nobunaga’s sons to die. But it is clear that he certainly had no problem in taking over.

Therefore, what Ieyasu did in Osaka years later is merely the same thing. I think for both Hideyoshi and Ieyasu, that was what you did at that time. If you were stronger and wanted power, then you would take over. But what annoy me is that I see so many people ignoring this and just see Hideyoshi as a really great guy, even though he has done his share of nasty thing as well. I think to a certain extent, KOEI idealised him. I think Hideyoshi is portrayed as the nice guy he want to be. However, given what the time was like, it is not very possible that he could achieve all this if he really is just a nice guy.

To be fair on KOEI, they were quite fair in Samurai Warriors, as opposed to Haruka 3 with the Genji and Heike. In addition to the fact that Yoritomo is portrayed as really sneaky, we have Astumori and Masaomi doing a Heike are so great, they are victims every other stop. Samurai Warriors is fair because even though they don’t talk about this stuff in detail, they do the same for both side. Like Hideyoshi, Ieyasu is portrayed as a decent guy. The implication is that you can see both of them having done nasty and cruel thing, but most of this time, it is not mentioned.

I really recommend Hoshi no oujou Yoshitsune if one is interested in seeing a very different portray of Yoritomo. Granted that he still had that nasty ending, but they showed his character quite well. We can see why he made the decisiosn that he did in regard to Yoshitsune, as well as the emotion behind these. Most of all, one of his bad ending with Sakurako really show the idea of how he chooses to sacrifice her in order to create his ideal.

I personally thought that Masamune had a really good point during the peasant uprising in Oushu. He would point out to Kai that if Hideyoshi is really trying to build a happy world where everyone laughs, then why is he taking other people’s land? Keep in mind that land was extremely important in that time, because that is basically your wealth. Also, in his own version, he would comment that Hideyoshi’s reign is like a house of cards, it can easily tumble down. This is actually a rather chilling foreshadowing of what would later happen.

I think the game is fair, but not the anime. But then, I think most of the time, KOEI’s game turning into anime does not work (Haruka 3 OVA probably almost put me off the game). At first, I was really excited at this, but after a few episodes…

I was wrong. In the future, I will only watch a KOEI anime if Hosoya-san is in it. Which is not impossible, as he was Abe no Seimei in Orochi.

I admit, I haven’t watched the whole thing, but the bit I watched did not help matters at all. It put me off trying to watch it. The story focuses on Yukimura and Mitsunari seems to play a large role. I feel that it becomes more pro Western army. Maybe the overall bit is okay, but due to what they did to Masamune, I am not going to watch. It is also this that made me feel that they are more pro Western army.

Kiyomasa and Fukushima would accuse Masamune of being a traitor and a dog. From Kiyomasa and Fukushima’s view, this is not unreasonable since Masamune is joining forces with their enemy. Although I personally think Kiyomasa should just keep his mouth shut because who is the guy who joined Ieyasu and declare that you are helping the Toyotomi even as you bash their members up?

I am quite upset with how they show Masamune’s reaction. By the time Masamune joined Ieyasu, it is because he feels that Ieyasu can give the land peace, and also because he himself realise that what he want the most is for the place to have peace. Yet Masamune’s reply is to laugh at them for being stupid. Surely they could have given him a better reply? Because that just seems to show that he is without moral and is ‘bad’, as opposed to the ‘loyal’ people to Hideyoshi. In Samurai Warriros 3, he would tell Kai that he is doing this as this is the better path when they meet in Osaka castle. Likewise, he tells a similar thing to Kanetsugu. Yet instead of the matured and grown Masamune, we are shown the Masamune before his father’s death. He seems to just want power for the sake of it. There is no issue about his decision for the greater of the land, which is important as it shows that both sides are the same. Wanting the same.

I think I am probably biased due to being irritated at some calling the Eastern army traitors. I think there is the sense of Hideyoshi’s followers glorifying him too much as they are too loyal to him. Mitsunari, I don’t blame as much, because that is just his personality. But as a player of the game? That is simply unfair. As mentioned in my review for Ieyasu, he started the story as someone on the same level as Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi might be someone who is greater, but he is not his lord and master. The person who he would betray by rebelling would be Nobunaga.

I think one can say that those who support the Western Army are often the more idealised one, Mitsunari, Tachibana Ginchiyo. She is extremely loyal like him. Although it is ironic that Motochika would join the Western army in the second game, given that he actually has quite some respect for Ieyasu (although the latter two games then prevented this from happening as they are more historical in that he’s dead when it happened). His son does join the Western army although he was initially going to join Ieyasu due to Motochika having a high view of Ieyasu. I think for Motochika, it is more of the fact that this is a way to rebel against fate. I thought that his ending in 2 is rather ironic, because we see him with Mitsunari, Ginchiyo and Shimazu. You can then split them into two group- one is the extremely loyal and honour motivated, while the other two are here due to this being a more wild gamble. I guess I am just saying that not everyone in the Western army is full of honour and loyalty and all that. I don’t deny that there are people in the Eastern army who probably just joined due to thinking of this being able to bring them advantage.

On the other hand, I do think that the Eastern army is more practical, mainly due to the fact that two of the representative that are not Ieyasu’s long time servants are Masamune and Kanbei. Kanbei just want someone to unite the land and have peace, while Masamune decided that he’s more interested in helping the land to reach and maintain peace, then being the person who is the official leader. Both feel that Ieyasu is more likely to do so. I would like to point out an interesting thing though, being practical does not mean that they are being disloyal. Take Masamune for example, what loyalty does he own to Hideyoshi? Hideyoshi showed him mercy by not confiscating a significant proportion of his land, but he still lost some. In addition, he had to join Hideyoshi because the Toyotomi was going to bash him up if he does not. He’s probably glad that Hideyoshi treated him better then a majority of the others (eg.Motochika) but is that enough to cuase loyalty? I hardly think so.

What I am trying to say is this: Ieyasu is no better or no worse then Hideyoshi, and given that this was shown quite well in the game, I am surprised at the extreme bias people have against Ieyasu. In addition, for the majority of the lords, they have no obligation to be so loyal to be Hideyoshi. Therefore, to accuse them as being traitors is not reasonable. If you want to drag out the battle of Osaka, then there is the equivalent with Nobunaga’s son for Hideyoshi.

I admit, I am biased because I quite like Ieyasu, and I think he has what it takes to be a good ruler. In addition, my favourite character is Masamune.

Gakutan Yoshiwara- Takao’s route

I was really impressed with his first appearance and I thought he would be an interesting character to do, because he is the most popular oiran of the brothel, as well as being very popular in the district as well.

His route really surprised me because he is not what I expected at all. I thought that he was going to be someone who is constantly sweet talking and is very hard to make sense of. However, he is actually surprisingly straightforward. I think he actually really enjoy flirting with women because he think it is fun I think his first ‘night’ with Rurihime shows this. He starts to find kimono for her and put make up on her, I think he just automatically know what how to treat his type of customer, as he just enjoy spending time with women.

He was sold to the brothel and even though he does want to be free, and is bitter at not being able to go where he wants at times, he does enjoy spending time with women at the same time. The interesting thing about this guy is that with the exception of Rurihime, it seems that he just see his client as people that he enjoy spending time with.

I was reminded of Anne of the Island, what they said about Philippa:I think it’s because Ruby is really so conscious of boys… you feel when she is boasting of her beaux that she is doing it to put it well into you that you haven’t half so many. Now, when Phil talks of her beaux it sounds as if she was just speaking of chums. She really looks upon boys as good comrades, and she is pleased when she has dozens of them tagging round, simply because she liked to be popular and to be thought popular. Even Alec and Alonzo…are to her just two playfellows who want her to play with them all their lives.”

I think Takao is a bit like that. I don’t think he actually thinks about how to please the clients, as he just knows how.

He and Rurihime’s relationship seem to develop quite fast, because we don’t exactly know when they fall in love. She would feel that he is just saying these things as he is the oiran, yet she cannot deny that she just want to spend time with him. We can sort of see that Takao like her, because he would relax around her, and even leave in the middle of his banquet with clients so that he can spend time with her.

Tokiwa would take an interest in Rurihime and he once almost forced himself on her. Takao would actually hit Tokiwa and since that time, he would be really angry if he ever sees Tokiwa talking to Rurihime. However, Tokiwa would continue to do so, and he would tell Rurihime that Takao constantly send money to his parents, who both seem to just rely on him. Takao would suddenly enter the room and he would immediately tell Tokiwa to get out. Due to Rurihime not telling him what Tokiwa said, he would be even more angry, as he would say that the way Tokiwa look at him is the way that Tokiwa looks whenever he mocks him. This actually almost results in him forcing himself on her, although he would apologise.

Rurihime’s mother would discover that she has been going to Yoshiwara and at first, she would ban her daughter in going. However, she would then say that if Rurihime have to go, then she can, but it must not be with Takao, because Takao might be her half brother. Due to this, Rurihime would decide to go and see Takao for the final time and Iroha would actually try to stop her at the entrance by telling her that it is clear that Takao has started to care for her too, and this could not result in a happy ending. However, he would allow Rurihime to go and see him after she explained what might have happened.

The next scene is super sad, because Takao would be really happy at seeing her, even commenting that it has been a while since they last saw each other. However, Rurihime would then tell him that this is the last time. He would demand her to tell him why and ask her why she is so upset when she is the one that is abandoning him, and why he can’t even be allowed this one fantasy. Takao would actually say that it is impossible for the two of them to escape and be happy together, so why can’t they just enjoy even this brief fantasy and dream here?

Rurihime would leaves and does not return. She would hear many stories about Takao, such as how he become drunk and even ignore his clients. That night, Takako would come and find her. He basically escaped from the brothel, even though he himself said that this would not lead to a happy ending. Takao would learn the possibility of the two of them being siblings from Iroha and I really like what he said: “We don’t look alike at all!” It was one of those: “That’s a really good point…” The two of them would decide to go to the mainland and find Takao’s father.

On the mainland, his father would tell them that the two are not siblings. Takao’s father was once an oiran too and he was in love with Rurihime’s mother, but she was in love with someone else. When Takao was born, one of his dad’s student/apprentice would spread the rumour that Takao is that other’s son in the hope that her mother would change her mind. However, the result is that she left and did not come back.

The ending is quite sweet because Takao’s father would help him to buy his freedom. Unlike his mother, Takao’s father is actually still working and he would save up the money that Takao gave him. So Takao is basically saving money for his own freedom, with the extra being contributed by his father. Takao would then stay with Rurihime and her mother, and there are hints that his father and her mother might get together.

Because I really like Takao, I actually brought his extra events, as I want to read more. One of his extra events is him and Rurihime going to watch the sakura in Yoshiwara, after he is freed. Even though it is clear that he would not go back and is still very much in love with Rurihime, he would tell Iroha that the place would always be special to him, as this is where he grew up. The other aftermath is him and Rurihime going to visit his father on behalf of her mother. It is revealed that his father still love her mother and is quite disappointed that the other did not come. It’s quite cute as they would try to help him to think of a way of visiting her mother. Due to the way that his father seems completely at a loss at what he should do, Takao would comment that he find it hard to believe that his father was once someone really popular in Yoshiwara, and Rurihime would agree with him.

His father would come up with the idea that if Rurihime gets pregnant, then he would have a reason to visit her mother, and even lock the two of them in his living room. Rurihime would tell that Takao that she would like to one day have a child with him, although they do mention that having a son on the island can be bad, because of the scarcity in male. However, Takao would say that he knows it is alright, because he knows that Rurihime would not do something such as selling their child. This then lead to the chilling reminder that this has been done to many others.

However, I do think that he and Rurihime are quite lucky, because they do have the option of going to the mainland if need to.

When the two of them first went to the mainland, I was really amazed, because it seems that the mainland is pretty advanced. Initially, I actually thought that they were in the early Meiji era, but upon seeing the mainland, the Taishou might be possible.

One of Takao’s extra events is the Valentine and White day event. Rurihime would learn that it is Valentine from her mother, who actually gives her a box of chocolate. She would go and find Takao, only to learn that he already received a lot. In Iroha’s route, he would be really smug at how much he received. This is why I mentioned that he seems just like a boy that enjoys being popular.

Rurihime would be quite upset, and he would laugh and point out that he is the most popular oiran here, so could she expect any less? However this event is really cute because he told her that even though there are a lot that want to chose him, he has already decided that he would only spend the night with her, and if she does not agree, then he would actually spend the night alone.

In his white day event, Tokiwa would say that Takao really treasured the chocolate that she gave him. Takao himself would later confirm this. His white day gift to Rurihime is actually the most extravagant Oiran parade for her. This is the said picture.


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