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“You turned your back on me, Nagamasa.” ~ Oda Nobunaga

Route availability: after clearing ‘Legend of the Oda’
Playable Officers: Azai Nagamasa, Oichi, Todou Takatora, Otani Yoshitsugu
Battles: Battle of Kannonji Castle, Pursuit at Kanegasaki, Battle of Anegawa, Battle of Odani Castle

I don’t really like this chapter, because I don’t like Nagamasa, and even though I don’t dislike Oichi, she is too much involved with her husband to let me like her. Half of the time she is just talking about her husband. There is also the fact that I don’t like Yoshitsugu either. However, I do like Takatora.

The route starts with Takatora fighting beside Yoshitsugu, and his rank is pretty low. Takatora would begin by saying that he feels that Nobunaga is using Nagamasa, but he does not have a way to let the other know. One of the things that really surprise me is that Takatora is actually very idealistic, as he truly believes that he can make a difference. Even during really bad situations, he would comment that he believe they are able to change fate. I think this is because he was heavily influenced by Nagamasa.

One of the really interesting things I find is that Oichi is actually not as idealistic as Nagamasa. She is actually pretty realistic, as she would realise what would happen, only to say that she still choose to dream. I do wonder whether things might be different if she had tried to influence Nagamasa more.

I feel that Nagamasa’s ideal of creating a land where everyone can live happily is a bit like Hideyoshi’s land of letting everyone laugh. It is as Hisahide said, you are forcing them to do what you want. This is contrasting to Ieyasu, who just want to have peace by stopping the war.

Later on, Takatora would comment that the highest form of loyalty is to live, which is what he learnt from Nagamasa. But it seems that Nagamasa is a case of not practicing what he teaches, because he is pretty eager to put himself in really dangerous situations.

The end cutscene is done really well. We have Nagamasa and Hideyoshi fighting, only for Nobunaga to come and kill Nagamasa. I feel that what he said to Nagamasa: “You turned your back on me” is an indication that he did have some affection for the other, and was affected by the betrayal.