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Asaki Yumemishi- additional thoughts

I replayed Rurou’s route in the second game because I want to see if I understand a bit more and because I want to drool at Hosoya-san’s voice. One of my favourite bits in the whole game is actually when he tells her and Takatora that it is the full moon. I just love that bit. But because of that, I ended up replaying part of the first game and I have to say…why on earth did I not notice how scary the game is when I played it? There were actually moments when I wanted to close the game as it was suddenly really scary.

In one of the bad endings, Saiya will be killed by Ichito and prior to that she would have a nightmare that is a bit like a premonition of what would soon happen. The way that the screen would be splattered with blood and then with the PC describing what happened in short sentences, rather, short words. Like this: “My feet…it hurts…what is it…no…go away…”

As each word is quick to appear and immediately replaced by the next, along with the flashing screen that is already covered with blood, the overall effect is really scary. They really convey how the scared PC must have had been. It didn’t help that we only get a brief moment of thinking that it is okay before Ichito come and killed her. And seeing him through the screen dyed by blood with his evil smile is super scary.

His other bad ending is really scary too. In one of it, he’ll capture the PC and place her under a spell. Due to the way the screen would distort in its colour, it has a really scary affect. As you are seeing, but not quite seeing. Put into context with how the PC can no longer move and is basically a toy to Ichito…it is enough to make you want to close the game due to being afraid at what would come out next.

In conclusion…do not play at night time.

But I am still really pissed at how they never quite explained Ichito’s story. Namely, the relationship with Futaba. Because from the hints, it is actually a really fascinating story. And given what had happened between them, you would think that they could at least let him see her one last time. Well, even her gender is not specific but it seems a feminine name. As I said before, I think she is his sister, as he talks about family member more then romantic love. Although now that I think about it, when Aya tell him that he is going to the underworld to welcome her back like a father for the mother, I suddenly realise that isn’t this a really good comparison to the story of Izanami and Izanagi? The crazy idea of this then come: could it be that this is the specific comparison? That Ichito and Futaba are siblings, yet lovers. Because that could be an explanation of why they committed their crime. Also, there is many implication of how he fell from the right path. That could be why and it might also be this that caused them to commit even more crime. Initially, I always thought the right path was just his attempt of challenging the gods, but maybe it goes beyond that.